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History of the Silk Route Dry Port: Another angle

Mr Azam Baig Tajik, a social and political activist, a journalist and development professional had studied various dimensions of the Silk Route Dry Port project, back in 2004. The report was published in Weekly Karakuram, then.  Pamir News is again publishing the study findings of Mr Tajik to allow its readers a deeper insight into the objectives, scope and potential impact of the mega project. It will also allow our readers to analyze for themselves the outcome by conducting a simple comparison of the realities and the promises.

While this part of the report explains his comprehension of the “Promises” offered by the port, the next part of the write up – that will be uploaded in due time, will tell us his perspectives about its “Realities” Editor_.


(Click on the highlighted part to open the MS Word document)

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  1. Bravo! very informative and accorate facts and figers based research of Azam Tajik, this report was been published four years ago, and writers obervations are been true, now the problem occured.why no one has keenly study the report?
    now for only information it is good enough….

  2. “Media is a two-edged sword” (MHI)

    Very good Azam Baig! IF could come up with more primary sources and with objective manner, it will be very nice. In the middle you can quote important points of the responents as well.

    Our approaches in reporting need to be more balanced and with responsibility. I would apprciate if you could go further in depth of the case. Shabash! keep it up dedicately.

    I would sincerely encourage all those reporters and volunteer journalists to please go through the speeches of our beloved Imam of the time regarding journalism, esp the speeches in the Cape Town, Africa and Evora University, portugal (available on the Internet). This is a very neutral source to assess our reporting standards, and will always guide us. This will invigorate in us true and responsibe reporting.

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