Gilgit - Baltistan

Gojal: No significant drop in the level of lake observed during the last two days

Gulmit: What remains of a market in the area called Goze. Photo: Hanif Khan

PT Report

Gulmit, March 5: The water level in the dammed Hunza River has stopped decreasing any further, according to locals. The water inflow and outflow seem to be in equilibrium.

A large portion of Shishkat, Gulmit and lower parts of Ghulkin has resurfaced since the blast.

People have appreciated FWO for making sincere efforts this time around. They have expressed hope that more excavation will be carried out during the next two months, to take the water level further down, by the mid of May. After that the water level starts increasing with the rise in temperature, which could make it difficult for carrying out any excavation work on the spillway.

The resurfaced part of the villages is like a huge swamp, a local informed Pamir Times. “I tried to walk on the mud and sunk in it up to my knee joint”, he said.

This might mean that the crop fields will take some time to be ready for cultivation.

The fears and worries notwithstanding, people have generally expressed happiness at the work done by Frontier Works Organization, an organization within the Pakistan Army, for the excavation work carried out this year.

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  1. although its good efforts by fwo but is not yet enough as compared to the resources and time period they used. we hope this time upto the next blast they’ll really make a different work prove as a capable organization.

  2. That’s really a great news. I hope normal activities will be started soon in the area and life will be normal again very soon. IA.

    Great work FWO, keep it up and try to resolve all the issues of local people.

    Abid Dar

  3. Efforts appreciated this time and may help to rebuild the destorted image of FWO.

  4. The so far desperate effort by the failed works organisation(FWO)seems nothing mre than just a directed POINT scoring from the government. The incompetent mindset is unaware of the inflow in summer that would overflow thier mini effort. Now even the government takes on to evacuate d lake with buckets–one thing is 4 sure..ur not going to come again to lead!

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