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Pamir Times: Golden Jubilee Print Edition

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  1. Very good idea and plan.

    Justed wanted to know, who r the intended audience of the print edition?

    Are u looking for a bi/trilingual edition or uni? I mean English, Urdu, Persian? or different volumes?

    Would it be b/w, 2 colour or 4 colour print?

    If you can give the size, layouting etc.

    What the various cost categories for advertizers:
    full page? back cover, inside front nd back cover, etc. etc.??

    What are the themes/topics for contributions? what guidelines, limits are there?


    Amin Beg

  2. Respected Amin Beg Sahab

    The major readers of this edition will be the followers of His Highness the Aga Khan. However, it will be written for a general audience so that non-Ismailies, if they want to read it, are also able to understand and appreciate the examplary leadership of His Highness.

    The advertisement package [containing all information related to the tarrifs of different pages, sizes and colors] will be communicated shortly.

    The magazine will be bilingual. The theme mainly revolves around the life of His Highness the Aga Khan, his ideas and his actions across the globe, since it is the GJ of his Imamat. However, we are open to any suggestions/guidance in this regard.

    Guidelines, limits, will be communicated to the willing contributors.

    Chief Editor_.

  3. As we have a large number of printed and online materials on Golden Jubilee and Immamat so here we need to be more specific to relate Golden Jubilee with regional level events during 1959-2008, This includes historical events like introduction of education system in Northern Areas, 1960’s visit of Imam, history and role of AKDN institutions, comparative studies on different development themes, opportunities and new perspectives in light of the guidance of Imam -i-zaman.

    We will need the support of Amin Bhai, Faman Bhai, Sultan and Aafiyat in selection and presentation of relevent content.

    Hope to get contributions from all of you in order to publish this magazine quaterly.


  4. It is a brilliant idea to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of His Highness the Aga Khan, through the publication of a magazine that would, i hope, shed light on the achievements of the unflinching leadership of Imamat over the last fifty years. His Highness’s tireless endeavours in addressing issues of poverty, attempts to foster a friendly dialogue and a process of mutual understanding across the civilizational divisions, and above all his keen interest in initiating a cultural and intellectual renaissance in the Muslim world is truly remarkable.

    Your literary efforts in this regard would be particularly important as it highlights and symbolises His Highness’s own convictions, and hopes for his community. Time and again, and on countless occasions His Highness has preached, advised and even urged not only his own followers but the whole Islamic world, about the need of resurrecting and recovering our lost Islamic civilisation. There are powerful rationalist traditions in Islam that flourished in its formative stage which subsequently, either disappeared or were suppressed due to a variety of historical reasons. In a world now dominated by a parochial mode of thought, closed mindsets, and a world which is under assault from dogmatic forces from various quarters, it is indeed important to stand up and assert what really Islam is all about. I really hope that your contributors will also try to take up these sorts of challenges and issues while celebrating His Highness’s golden jubilee of Imamat.

    Best regards
    ali al-Hakim

  5. Noor and Zulfi,
    It is indeed a great idea. let us not confine our this effort only to the readership of Ismailis. I would say let us invite our brother and sisters of other schools of thought living in Northern Areas and Chitral. it would be better if we can also make some interviews of our older generation a part of this initive…? how about poetry section? best wishes for this step…

  6. Dear Noor and Zulfi
    It is great and it is going to represent the vision of Imam and the work that His Royal Highness has achieve. Next it a good idea to take it from the perspective of general reader (all community). Pamir time represent many people there are many who read it and not part of our school. so all the related news should be of universal school level . His Highness is not only involved with any limited community but his services are for many. Therefore, it should reflect the real picture from 3dimentional view.
    Best of luck
    Nazeer Ali Khan

  7. Dear All,
    Few of the ides of Ejaz really attract me and diverted my thoughts on words of IMAM “Bridging ,Pluralisium and Diversity”. Lot of achievements and other works done during the past 50 years.——-
    I m of the oenion that, with involving the key figures from the sister communities, specially Northern Areas and Chitral we ll contrubute the words that, inverted commas above. At last I really appriciate the efforts of the TEAM Pamire Time their such innovative ideas and working.
    Thankx for the Comments of Amin Baig SAHEEB and encouragements of the YOUNGERS

  8. Great. Things have started getting materialized day by day. Hope that this innitiative will be a great success.

    Best of Luck.


  9. Brilliant innitiative pamitimes team. Throughthis effort you can present our beloverd imam’s works in the region in a formal and systematic way.

  10. great idea of publishing this magzine we will come up with new ideas and material,s that knowledge will enhace more awareness in our student,s to know about imam and imam,s activity for our community and within pakistan around the globlized world for ismailies and UMAH it,s very important to take these type,s of initiatives specially in this GOLDEN JUBLEE year..2008 i am sure this publication will show difference and will be informative for student,s and educated people to enhace thier knowledge…

    Didar Karim Bari
    NUML university islamabad

  11. A very good initiative and will hopefully be a good source for the readers to access to the ongoing activities plus the past activities of Imam of the time regarding the Jamati institutions.
    With reference to the Golden Jublee it will definately update the readers of the community in particular and will add to their current information about the mega events going on around the globe.
    Avery splendid work.keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great Idea,
    His Highness’s contributions to serve humanity, and to imporove the living standerds of poor communities around the Globe is cristal clear not only to the Ismailies but to everybody, although His blessings are countless and as rightly said by Zulfiqar we have a large number of materials both printed and online available to everybody, i would suggest if we limit our this initative to His contributions and tireless efforts related to the north. Historical pictures and interviews comparing past and present will make it more interesting and attractive to the readers…


  13. Good job being done. Remember a journalist needs to appear nonpartisan and simply a communicator of the actual events.

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