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Electricity Shortage Irritates Gojal

by G. Nasir

Gulmit, May 17: There, apparently, is no end to the electricity crisis of Gojal valley. Constanly load shedding, un announced, is haunting life across the valley. While the chief executive visited Gojal, making a lot of promises, there hasn’t been any improvement in the aggrevating condition of electricity supply in the region.

Public cirlces have blasted the elected representatives for their ignorance of the ground realities of the valley. They have also criticized the NGOs for painting a rossy picture of the valley and, every now and then, calling it a “model of development”. This, they maintain, has been a major factor in decreasing the interest of government in the region.

The frustrated traders, shopkeepers and general public have demanded that the situation be improved immediately or they would come out on the streets and agitate against, what they call, the inept political leadership and their negligence.


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  1. There is a long list of issues that confront Gojal. Electricity is among one of the genuine problems and in top priorities, of course.

    What are the so-called uninion councellors of the region doing? What is our manture enough District Councellor doing? What steps Khan Sahab, Ghazanfar Ali, has taken in this regard? What promises can he along with other poltical reps do? It is a pity, and the complaints of the public are genuine, indeed. What could the NGOs do in this regard? What could the writers and civil society organizations do in this regard?

    Certainly, this is a time for serious delibration that how we could contribute positively for such issues. Let’s take an honest and serious interest and come up with positive solutions for such genuine issues by sharing our views.

  2. The most serious,positive,honest contribution to combat such problems could be the wisely use of our percious vote while selecting these councellors both district and union.. to select a leader who has some sense of understanding to these basic and genuine issues and who has the spirit to serve his people & area.. we have selected them by our own and its our duty to sit with them talk to them bring such issues and problem in their notice to give them a sence that they are not free they are accountable….

  3. Mosofir is right saying what have the rest of the local leadership been doing as we all know that those representing us in the NALA and in the District Council have no time for us as they are too busy in their business ventures and are also lacking a genuine vision of development of the whole area.

    It is sheer misfortunate for the people of Gojal that still there are people who still call these oportunists their Masters (MEW-E-DAMAN), support them unconditionally and ready to handower everything they own.

    I have no doubt to say thay unless we get the Mir family out of our politics we are not going to progress and prosper.
    Everyone of us know their family history as how brutal they were for power as they did not even spare their fathers and brothers when they came between them and power.

  4. there is a direct way. lets have a huge gathering of the youth during summer vacations as many of our youngsters go to thier respective places. we must hold a peaceful protest and directly go to the CE office and office of the other responsible officials.we must demand the recovery of electricity within a given time.
    whatever is going on is intentionally, there isn’t any resource problem or any problem of fund. it is just an act of making us fools. we need to take a serious action.

  5. Arzzz kiyaa hay…..


    thanks PTV for such a to the point stuff

    what do you guys think by the way??

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