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Wakhi Barnoma, Sadoye Bom-e-Duniyo, needs your suggestions

The Wakhi radio program broadcast from Radio Pakistan, Gilgit Station, has been rendering services for Wakhi language for around a decade. Many complain that this program has not been used effectively by the inexperienced and non-professional anchors and producers.  

Now, Sadoye Bom-e-Duniyo is trying to improve itself with the help of your suggestions. Kindly email all your suggestions/queries/recommendations at their approved email address  

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  1. Salam Alikum ( i also send this suggestion throgh yours e-mail too)
    My suggestions are follows:
    1. To approve this radio, it must merge like documentary programme all part of the world, where wakhis lives.
    2. Give a chance to Youth specially when youth come to village for vacant. Radio management himself invites them.
    3. Avoid bad Political issues and radio has no difference between village levels.
    4. In Radio news, you must have reporter, whose reporting all part of Gojal or other part where Wakhis are … up date news not old one.
    5. for Musical or other issues going in Gojal or other place, chose any topic and ask to listeners through SMS, and live you courage it.

    Farhat Ullah Baig
    Airport Freigt Unit,

  2. Dear All
    This is an honorable, distinguished, Place of the State giving you the people, 15 min
    What feed back we can give. And please do not say that its a Wakhi station. (Correction). It’s an Urdu station which directly translated all the materials into Wakhi, resulting in, urduized Wakhi grammar, new coined vocabulary out of Urdu. Presenters, time of recreation, not artists. Interviews with relatives on topics not on grounded or in the sky.
    What suggestion feed back can improve it. Let the program move along, and let’s enjoy it. It does not need any feed back and if it’s improved by suggestion then heaven will shake.
    Good wishes to all

  3. First thanks to all the Broad casting team/Management for sparing some time for the Wakxi speaking people of the mountanious areas of the lands. No doubt they have a great contribution in allowing to use all the available resources with in the available means of concern Department of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    Secondly we all are thankful to the Honourary team of SADDOYBOOM DUNYA, whom with out any remuneration running the programme from a decade or more. I personally SALAM to their zelaous devotion for this great cause. We all being with in the Northren Area, never realise the importance but if u are some where in desert of Sindh or Barran land of Baluchistan, plain of Punjab or in the Hindukash ranges of NWFP, u realise how it attached u with ur origion and definetely one feels what is mean the birth place and affection of ur mother language on ur inner life.
    I, personall SALAM to Ahmed Jami, Aziz Ahmad, Reman Posh,Mrs. Aziz Ahmad and other sisters especially whom are donating their Time and Knowledge NAZRANA for BOOMDUNYA-
    With the passage of time we have to work for its betterment and for that we have to acertain the suggestions of the relevent professionals. Personall for me it is very difficult to suggest some thing which is not very relevent to my profession.
    My humble request to the Wakhi based in Gilgit to engage some professional one or two to make it according time and demand of the people.


  4. dear wakhi bornoma tem.

    some suggestions we are goning to give you people.

    1- it needs to increase the duration of the radio programme
    2-must involve mature persons in programmes becouse it has been observed that the method and style is same as it was in the begning.
    3- must talk about the topics related to the futher threats which we have to face like,climatical changes, social life, political situation and economic crises.
    4- must involve subject specialists for solution of different issues.

    kokon and shosho

  5. I am very happy to see the Email Address published on this side. I am one of the announcer and news caster at Radio Pakistan in Wakhi Barnama Sada-e-Bam-e-Dunya. When I and Mr. Ala Uddin went for the briefing session with Station Director Radio Pakistan Gilgit, we were briefed that if you want to make better your programme, try to use the latest technology for this purpose. So, I got this initiative by making an email address. This is also the first email address for any programme on Radio Pakistan. Alot of listeners and non-listners are doing mail on this add. which is being announced every Saturday.

    I am very thankful for the for this step which they taken on a very short request. i hope you all visitors of this side will leave a constructive comment on this side as well as on the given email address for the betterment of wakhi barnama sadae bame dunya.
    Thanks to all of you.

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