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Scouts visited historical Altit fort

Hunza, June 01: The Scouts visited the historical Altit fort and old settlement during the second day of the 6-days walk from Gulmit to Gilgit. Altit is said to be the birth place and first capital of Hunza state. The local scouts and employs of the Aga Khan Cultural, Service, Pakistan, working on the renovation of the fort gave a very warm reception to the scouts. The Scouts were also offered tea.

The fort administration and local community briefed the scouts about the history of the fort and the old settlement.

Altit is one of the old human settlements in Hunza valley. The tightly knit cluster of houses is a significant example of traditional mountain settlement forms, displaying age-old approach to planning and spatial organization on the basis of tribal domains, climatic responses and topographical considerations. The Fort is located at the highest point, with the four fortified tightly knit group of settlements placed at the base. The water reservoir is located outside the fortified settlement. As all houses were built from stone masonry and mud plaster, they bear a striking resemblance to the surrounding terraced fields.

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