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Javed Ali Joins AKAM-FMFB Tajikistan

 by Noor

Javed Ali, belonging to Gircha Gojal, has joined the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance, First Micro Finance Bank (AKAM-FMFB) as an eMerge Programmer, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 

eMerge is a software that has been developed to support various functions of financial institutions. Javed along with two of his colleague computer specialists will implement the system throughout Tajikistan, working to attain integration of banking activities including modules on loans, saving, client informaiton, general ledger and share management. 

Javed has pledged to report events from Tajikistan for Pamir Times pertaining to his interaction with and experiences of the type of life our ethnic brothers enjoy in that part of the world.

Pamir Times offers heartiest congratulations to Javed Ali for this appointment and hopes that this would prove to be a very important step in  his career.

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  1. Dear Javed
    Congratulations for your achievements … keep it high and enjoy the environment personally and professionally. I hope you are Javed from Gircha Gojal-Hunza, if am not wrong. Keep it up
    Good wishes for your future success.

    Sharif Khan

  2. Congratulations Javed. Wish for your success in professional life.

    Sajjad and Samina
    Riyadh- KSA

  3. Congrates Javed bhai for getting the opportunity to serve.
    keep going and we expect that as a delegate you will represent us in a better way.
    Aslam Ghalib

  4. Congrats for your new assignment. I hope you will enjoy this new job. It is really satisfying that our young professionals have just started to spread all over and will be instrumental in making new contacts to the roots of Wakhi people and bring them closer and closer.

    The huge gulf which was created by the two super powers is shrinking day by day and more people to people contacts are being established through our institutions.

    I hope Javed will show the way to other young professional who have just entered the job market as young development professionals after training and practical demonstration of their abilities after the devestating earth quack of Kashmir and Hazara areas.

  5. Kako Javed, dera dera mubarakoona, photo ki dera mashoom de,
    wish you all the best. and enjoy your profession in Tjk.
    Timor and Dishtov.



  7. Congratulations my friend, and whish you all the best.

    Keep in touch TAZ KASH


  8. Dear Javed,

    Please accept an online congratulation.

    Best of luck and keep in touch.

  9. conratulation sir it is really a big achievement to sarve in their own jamat good gives u the courage to give ur kidmat again mubarak
    rasihd WWF

  10. Great to know Javed. Many congratulations. You have many innate talent and there is a long way to go. I hope you will take this opportunity as a step to make greater laurels in your career. Good luck and we will look forward to hearing some interesting news from Tajikistan.


    Sultan Ahmed

  11. Sir Its Good but be careful of many things
    and as you have now become an Afsar now, so please give back all my Ties and others that you have taken form me , ok because .
    Any how that is a cool picture . Some will be filled with emotion by looking at it.

    Get well soon , oh sorry amny wishes to you and you only

    love you

  12. Accept my heartiest congratulations………. Best of Luck for your new assignment………..

  13. Javed, you have achieved what you have been desired. I will remember you. please pray for me as well.

    Shagufta Astori

  14. Dear Javed
    We are very much happy because of your success. you are specialist of computer. we learned many thing from you in Skardu.
    God always bless you.



  15. hi javed,

    congraz for achieving your dream desire of working abroad, i will never forget your warm friendship, and even now when i am visiting our field areas, it reminds me those happy and beautiful days, when we work together.

    best of luck

    Kawal iftikhar

  16. Dear Javed

    Tremendous achievement. congratulations
    Praying for many successes.
    keep it up

  17. I am very much thankful to all my well-wishers, relatives, friends and family members for sending your compliments, appreciation and love, it always courage me to work hard in a challenging environment. I will try my best to keep it up.
    Thank you Noor and all PT team for this encouragement God bless you all

  18. Dear Javaid
    congratulation on your new assignment at Tajikistan.
    Be an ambassdor of wakhi’s of Gojal to Wakhi’s of Tajikistan.
    Wish u good luck.

    Israr Ahmed

  19. Dear Javed khan I pray to scar MHI to give you more success and prosperity and mushkil asaan. i am very happy with you my son.

  20. great javad bahi for you this tremendous achivement and keep it up.

  21. My dear javed
    Fly and Fly always in the sky
    From Pakistan to Tajikistan
    From Wakhan to Uzbeskistan
    From continent to continent
    From Javed to Bil gates


    Issa Khan

  22. My lovely younger Brother, congratulation from my depth of heart. I want to advice you as an elder brother to work hard and give respect to all. I am happy you see many congratulation’s people send you. you are a good boy and God bless you and shower everything upon you.

    Your elder Brother
    Inayat Karim Jamalabadi

  23. Dear Javed,

    congratulation, it is really great news. i hope you will never forget us,and keep calling……..

    Saima Bano

  24. Dear Javed
    accept my heariest congrats on your successful achivement!!!!!. we are proud of you . keep it yp

    Zulfiqar Roomi

  25. Aa la Javed Ka,

    My sono, Mubarak la Zaa, Anu nawo kome maj budo budo kamyabi ek both

    Toum yare

    Giltai Musha

  26. lots of congratulations lupyor. have a nice time there. don’t miss any sort of IDARAS there. ha ha idara wala

  27. Dear Javed,
    My heartist falicitation, keep it up, wish you all the best.

    A colleague of KADO

    ITREB Gilgit

  28. Congratulations in your Job. Pictures were excellent. I really liked them. Thanks for Sharing

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