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Passu crowned cricket champions of Gojal Valley

by Meherban Karim

The Passu Students  Association team has won the final Match of  Ejaz Alam Memoral Cricket Tournament  played  between Passu and Hussani . Hussani won the toss and chose to bat first, scoring 180 runs within the allocated 20 overs. It, indeed, was a good total and gave Passu a tough chase. However Passu team played a tremendous innings, making it seem very easy. Hemayat Shan scored a century and put his team on the safe side and the Captain of P S A team teak some great wickets .

Earlier on the the same day the semi final was played between Passu and Shimshal with a Dramatic finish. Passu scored 150 runs in return shimshal (joshi) were bowled out on 38.

Youths of Hunza Gojal need to organize such sports activities to boost positive activities among young’s.


Pamir Times congratulates PSA for playing good cricket and winning the title. We also congratulate rest of all the teams for being part of this positive sporting event.

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  1. congratulations to Passu team for the victory. As far as I recall, this team has always been the winner with few exceptions.

    Sports should be considered not an end in itself rather a means to achieve certain objectives. For example: to instill positive social habits amongst youth and to boost up talent and skills amongst youth. there could be many others as well. Moreover, the youth needs direction and guidance which can come through sports.


  2. After a decade we ware expecting Hussaini team will win this match but again our old starts lost the cup. when i call on the fnal day, our team was there at ground with music (local dawodi band) so it was not in thier favour, anyhow in matches one team can win only. Cong.. to Passu team.

  3. Congrats to PSA and disappointment for Hussaini team. Yes it was a rare chance to Hussaini team but missed. be happy!


  4. Congratulations to PSA for retaining their past records, Hussain cricket team has also improvised their performance in recent years after the induction of the new blood.

    During late 90s PSA repeatedly retained the ownership of Champions trophy and played a monopolistic role, but recently other cricket clubs like Hussain, Ghulkin, Gulmit Youngsters, Shimshal, Khunjarab and Khyber are the nominee for the champion’s trophy.

    Being as a Ghulkinic I witnessed that we do not have a sufficient space for warm up and practice, we have good talent in sports that can be used in a right direction with public and institutional support.


    Shah Zaman

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