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Chinese Bridge, connecting Danyore to Gilgit develops cracks

by Zeeshan Ali                Photos courtesy J.J.Color Labs Gilgit

Danyor, August 10: Today, early in the morning, while most of the residents of Danyor and Gilgit were asleep, or just opening their eyes, something unthought of had taken place. The second largest bridge on the Karakuram Highway, famously known as China Pull, connecting Hunza – Nagar and Danoyre to Gilgit city, had caved in.

According to initial reports a pillar of the huge concrete bridge, constructed by the Chinese engineers and FWO over Hanisara (Gilgit river), has broken and damaged it badly. Luckily no vehicles were on the bridge while the accident took place. The bridge remains closed for all sorts of vehicles.

The collapse of this bridge has increased pressure on the wooden bridge connecting Danoyre with Konodas Gilgit, near the Karakuram Internaional University campus.

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  1. Bad news really for Hunza, Gojal and Danyor, and for all who are travelling on this route, it should be repair within no time otherwise people will be suffering, Govt. has to take abrupt action because we have less options for that.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  2. It has always seemed to me that bridges are among the most powerful and important symbols in human society – symbols of connection, of cooperation and of harmony. When harmony breaks down and conflicts ensue, the destroying of bridges is usually among the most urgent targets. But when peace and healing come, then it is the construction and rehabilitation of bridges that marks our progress.”

    Excerpt from remarks by His Highness the Aga Khan
    at the Inauguration of the Ishkashim Bridge
    Ishkashim, Tajikistan, 31 October 2006

  3. That’s what happens when u don’t do inspection… whoever had the contract should inspect it in every 5 years to check for the damage.

  4. This will create a lot of sufferings for commuters at KKH and will increase pressure at two old bridges at Chinar Bagh. This will also have economic repercussions as the trade will hamper between china and other parts of the county.

    The authorities concerned should direct to speed-up the construction of bridge between Gilgit and Konodass and make an alternative plan or construct a temporary bridge adjacent to collapsed one.

  5. This is really bad news for People of Hunza and Gojal because it was the bridge connecting Hunza and Gilgit as Main Route.It will create lot of sufferings to people of Hunza and Gojal in Tranportation.Its really a bad News .The Chinese goverment should take inciative steps to rehabilitate the Bridge.
    Sher Afzal Hunzai
    Website Administrator Hunzatimes

  6. I think its becuz of erosion, the pillor failed to support the bridge, its possible to repaire only the damaged portion through kraine, but in summer may not possible due to high volume of water in Gilgit river, China will do something if request to KKH extension team.

  7. Chief Exuctive of Northern Areas Legislative Council and other administration should take up this issue on priory basis with PM of Pakistan and China as well. Thy should demand to repair or reconstruct the bridge by china engineers as soon as possible.

  8. This is really very unfortunate for our people, as it may affect transportation of potato, which is the main source of income of majority of the people in the region, Although there is an alternate Bridge at Nomal, but there is now heavy load of traffic, and Bridge at Chinar Bagh is also not in a very good condition for heavy and loaded vehicles.
    The Issue needs to be highlighted through different forums, and we all should push for the early repair of the broken bridge.


  9. Very bad news really for the people of Northern Areas specially 4 Gilgit, Danyore, Hunza, Nager and for all who are travelling on this route, it should be repair within short itme spam otherwise people will be badly suffering. Govt. has to take quick action. The collapse of this bridge has increased pressure on the wooden bridge connecting Danoyre with Konodas Gilgit, near the Karakuram Internaional University campus.

  10. Yes of course it was a bad news for me (Islamabad now) and all other residents of Northern Areas as well as for domestic and foriegn tourists. We often hear and deal with different obstacles of life with courage. In this connection i want to say that Chinese building and construction company had given warranty for one hundered years while construction of KKH and it is only 35 years. The other Chinese bridges at Indus river may collaps in future so Govt. of Pakistan should claim it. And as far as the new iron bridge is concerned the work on it is also pathetically on going. The people of Danyore, Sultanabad, Oshikhandas, Mohammadabad in particular and HUnza, Nagar, Gilgitcity, JUtial and almost inhabitants of Northern AReas should protest hard and the contractor of underconstruction RCC bridge near KIU should be pressurized.

  11. Yes of course , specialy the public of Bugroad,Jalalabad,Oshkhan das,Danyore are suffering.Because most of students points/Buses pass from china Briddge.So it a great hurdle up till construction of emergency new bridge.

  12. people of NAs r now facing new challenge which is very lethal for their economical survival…specially people from far areas like hunza.nagar & others….trade is just to its end…ZARDARI & GILLANI r constructing PM house barrier of cost 9 mill rupees…..but they cann,t announce even 1 rupee for construction of this damaged bridge….there should b investigation why this bridge broke…….thse small facts much we r considered humans & pakistanis….

  13. i totally agree with u Rizwan! Till today the people of gilgit are treated as orphans and whenever the people of north raise voice for their (basic) rights, they are awarded with new problems in order to remain busy…facilities (educational & health) given at a far cry,or i shuld call it a formality.
    thanks God that the people of north have gradually understood the past and present senario. Learning from the past and planning for the future will probably make us capable to stand on our own feet.
    God bless NAs, Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak.

  14. Three years have been spend but the bridge is not re constructed, there are many problems for peoples of far areas as well as peoples of danyore in transportation. I request the prime minister and president of pakistan that they should not waste rupees in other things but please re construct the bridge, as early as possible,so that transportation problems will finish and peoples will easily cross through this bridge.


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