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Marriott Blast affects Hunza, as well

Our correspondent

Islamabad, September 22: At least ten or tweleve indiviudals belonging to Hunza Valley were injured, along with hundreds other, when an explosive ladden truck exploded at the entrance of the five star hotel in Islamabad. Nobody, accoring to initial reports, was killed, fortunately. The death of over sixty people belonging to other parts of the country and rest of the world, however ,is badly felt and mourned in the valley and across Gilgit – Baltistan.

According to reports at least one person, out of injured, was in critical condition but timely medical attention and care has put him out of danger. Rest of the victims belonging to Hunza Valley sustained minor injuries and left for their homes after getting first aid.  

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  1. It seems to be unbelievable that Marriott is burning, massive bomb blast has changed everything within a second, big loss for all of us and really a shoking moment. I served Marriott for four years, last year we faced bomb blast but that was not massive, one of the security gaurd has lost his life and saved the whole property, but this one is really really too much……….whats going to be happened in our country next….. God knows…

    And I m really happy to know that all of my friendz from Hunza working in Marriott are safe, but we have lost almost 22 Marriott members, May Moula bless their soul in the eternal peace.

    Almaty Kazakhstan


    the minister on interior to the PM,stated that they had been informed abt the risks of attack on Marriot,where the highly officials had to attent the Aftar dinner,but in the last minutes they changed their vene and opt PM house…

    ..if this was so why the government didnt deploy security forces there at the merriot,according to news,even there was no any mobile police van romming there….??????

    ..secondly,if u saw the video footage of the blast,it took long enough time to explode,in these dueration of time a professional fire fighter can do alot but unluckily unequiped firefighter did nothing…????

    lastly,the gist point or the concludind point is that..GOVT HAS NO ANY VISION N EVRY ASPECT OF LIFE..on the name of BENAZIR they r ruling the country..they themselves have no any identity….

    i pray to God….may keep our heaven[northern area] away from this mance n threat..

  3. The government is confused first they have to decide whether its our own war or war of America. ????

    A debate in the parliament is very important to develop consensus on this issue. All political parties including think tanks of Pakistan should participate in the debate to review the foreign policy its impacts on us…. And strategies for potential threats …

    Unfortunately we got a president Mr. Zardari at the time when Pakistan needs a forward looking, visionary international leader.

    Long Live Pakistan

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