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Gulmit Young Stars Club wins smash, Sost wins “Shooting” Volleyball

by Zeeshan Ali

Gulmit, October 07: Gulmit Young Stars Club defeated the volley ball team of Misgar, becoming volleyball champion of Gojal Valley. In the final match GYSC – Green easily defeated Misgar, winning three out of the four sets played. Earlier GYSC Green had defeated GYSC – Blues in the semi finals. Misgar had qualified for the finals after defeating the volleyball team of Al Amyn Model School, Gulmit. The tournament was organized by the Tehsil Sports Association, a newly formed representative sports organization initiated by the Tehsil government.

Shooting, not a very popular game in Gojal Valley, was won by team Sost, defeating Misgar’s shooting squad. Misgar and Sost were the only two participating teams in this genre of volleyball.

Prizes were given to the players and teams for their excellent and entertaining performances. Mr Sher Jan was chief guest of the prize distribution ceremony, while Mr Jan Muhammad presided. A considerably large number of people attended the final match. Also present during the final match were Numberdars, the member district Council and representatives of different organizations.

The audience and players appreciated the initiative taken by the Tehsil government and hoped that such healthy activities will keep coming, on sustainable basis.

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  1. Congrets to Young Star Gulmit for winning Vallyball (smash), nice to see healthy and sports activities in the area from time to time…. Keep it up guys.


  2. On behalf of Pamir Times I would expand congratulations to the winners (Gulmit Young Stars and Sost Teams). Sports are the source where young chaps gathered and show the live brotherhood.
    I congrates too, to the management of Tehsil Sports Association for arranging such a nice and healthy activities for the youngs of the area.

  3. sorry to say that it is not a sost team it’s a ghazanfar team or shebaz becoz none of them are belong to i would request to gojal net plz correct the name.

  4. Congrats to both the teams i.e. Sost and Gulmit for winning their respective Volley ball match.

    Keep it up.

  5. wow kia bat hai javeno
    Well done Sost Shooting volleyball team – it’s the best we’ve done in year 2008 tournaments like Sost wins Subedar Noor Ghulam Memorial Cricket Tournament in Karachi.That’s a good sprite of game we have.I specially thanks to Akhter aziz Javed,Hamid ullah Sharifuddin and other player,whos played for Sost Team well done boys well done.
    and Congrats to team manager Mr.Munir uddin Rumi .
    best wishes for the futures

  6. congratulation to GYSC for the great perfomance and specially for shuja.

    dude try to keep it up..,

  7. congratulation to both teams for winning trophy.sost team has good performence in past tournmants .they hvve best players like Rasheed,Akhter annd reknowned manager like Munir.

    Congratulation again to sost team.

    Keep it up……..

    Israr Ahmed

  8. First of all i would like to congratulate bothe of the winner teams of Volley ball tournament i.e.Gulmit Young star and Sost volley ball team.Sports activity is very important for a healthy environment and good health.I appreciate the Organizers for arranging such events and hope it should be continued.secondly I regret to clear the comment of Mr.sultan ali that the team of Shooting volley ball is from sost and every player belongs to sost village,this kind of comment shows the negative mind and approach.such kind of people are not only creating hate but also poluting the society.i request the managment of to clearify this point from Sultan ali and he is advised to remove the evil approach from his mind.thanks

    Ayaz khan

  9. Congrats to both teams for their great victory..

    Hay u ! Sultan.. how did u say the wining team dosent belong from
    Sost.. We all r proud to be SOSTIAN.. So dont involve ur persnal metters in sports.. we should be proud of our team, they have brighten the name of Sost..

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