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[Editorial] Silk Route Dry Port and the problems of Sost Town

by Noor

Sost is one of the most important towns of Gilgit – Baltistan being the regional hub of Sino – Pak trade. Unfortunately the government has not paid any attention to development of the town. Basic facilities are still lacking in the area, affecting lives of the local community and the traders coming from all parts of Gilgit – Baltistan and rest of Pakistan.

People had high hopes that the establishment of Silk Route Dry Port will help to improve the quality of life of the local people. However, due to uncertainity, corruption and political feuds the interests of the local community, so far, have remained ignored.

The change in cabinet of the dry port trust is a positive development but it is not culmination of the hopes of the local community. The new cabinet needs to develop a comprehensive development plan for the town, concentrating on improvement of health facilities, water supply system, waste management system and provision of other civic necessaties.

This port has the potential to play a very important role in development of the entire region but the challenge is to use the resources where they are meant to be used. It wasn’t necessary for the new management to print huge advertisements, worth thousands of rupees, in the local papers of Gilgit – Baltistan, praising and thanking the politicians and rest of the supoorters, heralding the ‘victory’ of the new cabinet. This is tantanmount to resource wastage. The same money could have been put for other strategic causes.

The real victory for the port trust and the cabinet in charge would come when they are able to effectively play a role in improvement of the lives of the local community.  

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  1. I appreciate Noor’s comments, all of which he has expressed to the development plan for the sost town,
    The plan proposes a number of important developments in the area, relating to public health facilities, water supply system walkways, open spaces and commercial developement, and sets the guidelines for all future development in the area.
    The issue of the appropriateness of the government has not paid any attention to development of the town.I would like to see
    the Govt should reassess its town policies in consulates
    with the youth representatives’ to indentify and reform lows and regulations that hurdles to young people starting a business
    I’d encourage the representative of Silk Route Dry Port introduced the draft resolution on policies and programs involving youth.
    I also encourage the literate youth with an interest in the development of Silk Route Dry Port to visit and inspect the plans.
    Dear Noor thank you for give the opportunity to say something about my own town.

  2. The editorial repot is the voice of the masses and affacties and I praise their efforts and hope for pointing out the real issues. in futureSost is the gate way of pakistan to the world gaint China and the central asian states.Sost is also the face of pakistan, people entering Pakistan through Khunjrab pass begin to make an immage of pakistan.since the opening of KKH for Trade in 1984, the govt. of pakistan recieved billions of rupee in the form of tax and the trader from entire pakistan became billionairs, but sost remained a poor place without any civic facilities.Sost is an important business center and border town of northern Areas,but unfortunitly nobody is intrested to develop this place.Silk Route Dryport Trust was formed to establish a dryport and generate income and economic activities/opportunities which will help to develop this remote and neglected region of Northern Areas,but unfortunitly the vested intrest group (the selfish individuals) has not only capture the port managment but also divided the people of Sost in different groups.Now the fight of the intrest groups is still in place and the new managment started to voilate the intrest of people and started huge expenditures on their personal advertisments in the media.They are accountabe for the public is als worth mentioning here that a highly quilified and experienced people should be appointed at the posts of Directors,General Manager and Managers to run the matters of the Pak china Dry Port alongwith the chinies parteners smoothly,transparen,and an efficient manner rather then the illitrate and untrained persons.This is not a political plate form were people are engaged on party basis but this is a property of the poor people so the managment should learn from the past and dont cheat the public otherwise people never forgive them.May allah give them guideline “Amin”
    Ayaz Khan,Gilgit

  3. Dear Noor,

    Thanks for highlighting the problems of sost town .I 1oo% agree with ur opinion regarding new management of SRDP advertisements in News papers with fake portfolios/designations .now it time to work for the community not to advertise their name in media.

    Hope new top management will work practically to solve problems with consultation with legal experts.

    with best regards.

    Israr Ahmed

  4. 100 % Agreed with Noor, with only missed one that, is Education:

    If all agree i narrate it like this

    “The change in cabinet of the dry port trust is a positive development but it is not culmination of the hopes of the local community. The new cabinet needs to develop a comprehensive development plan for the town, concentrating on improvement of education, health facilities, water supply system, waste management system and provision of other civic necessaties”
    I added on ly education Noor, If u agree—

  5. I have no words to thank you Noor and team of PT, for the great efforts, for high lighting the problems of Sost town and the suggestions for the new cabenit of Sost Dry Port to improve the development of the area.

    Even government of Pakistan is not taking interest in the development of Sost though it earns billion of rupees from this town.

    I on behalf of the residence of Sost thankful to you.

    Kind Regards,

    Sher Ahmad Posh

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