Gilgit - Baltistan

The magnificient Tupopdan (Passu Cathedral) Peak (6106m) during sunset


Photo by: Ejaz Ali, November 05, 2008

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  1. Well-done Ejaz, you have really show-cased the magnificent Passu peaks, also popularly know as Passu Cones.

    This is how we love our area and all good things that are in there to cherish them.

  2. Truely natural and asthatic Passu cathedral Peak, Catching eyes of hundreds of visitors, its just unbelievable when you are infront of it. Fantastic view, God bless our area.

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  3. Majestic view, natural beauty and pure icon of nature.

    Thank you Ejaz Bhai for sharing it with PT readers.

  4. Dear home land which i love for ever
    Eternal beauty does it contain
    The huge glacier the gushing river
    For ever they will remain

    Your rapid streams and fountains
    For ever in my mind arise
    The blue sky clouds and rain
    For ever in my fancy flies

    White dressed valley in frosty winter
    The image lies still in my eyes
    I haven’t adequate words to say
    The dawn when the sun does rise

    How shall I express how shall I say
    The colors of heaven flour with dew
    My every thought my every day
    The day it all begins with you

  5. Mr A.A Sakhi
    Realy!!!!! I Agrreeee wd u… IAppreciated ure poetry we r proud of our hidden poets if its Realy ure own poetry thn faboulas job
    keep it up guy

  6. The area of beauty and the land which motivate tourists to visit, tapopdan is one of the motivational tools, great job done by lupyor Ejaz Ali.
    Rashid WWF.

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