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Editorial: peaceful co existence is the way forward

In the backdrop of emerging sectarian tension in Gilgit city,  as media reports show, it is high time for all of those who exercise some influence in the society to work for fostering harmony.

The government, according to media reports, has served Qazi Nisar and Agha Rahat al Hussaini, leaders of the  Sunni and Shia  sects, respectively, notices for ‘violating section 144 of the law’. They have been asked to ‘use friday sermons for promoting peace and harmony in the region’.

This call towards sanity is timely and remarkable. But, one hopes that the government will use its systems to normalize the situation,  believed to be hot becasue of killing of innocent Shia Muslims in various parts of the country, including Parachinar and Quetta. (Noor_.)

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