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Hunar Gah emerging as a model cottage industry


by Asghar Khan

Gilgit, April 4: Gilgit Serena Hotel’s (SEED) Social Environmental Education Development Program and WAC (Women’s Activity Committee) joined hands to contribute towards the capacity building of Hunar Gah Project in Danyore Gilgit. Huner Gah is a project of His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Pakistan.

Hunar Gah is the first Garment Industry run by the women in Northern Areas through active involvement of the local stakeholders, utilizing and developing the local resources especially the women. The objectives of Hunar Gah Project are 1) to create a work environment where women can come together and work in a professional atmosphere, 2) to enhance the knowledge, resources, and skills to produce quality and marketable garments, 3) to produce a range of garments for local, national market, 4) to generate income through marketing, and sales of produced garments, 5) to facilitate the women to become self employed and entrepreneurs, 6) to enhance the capacity of the centre through upgrading skills of their women workers in Gilgit.

Hunar Gah has two units, Skills Development centre and Production Unit. The Skills Development Centre is managed by woman having expertise in designing, stitching and embroidery. The aim of this training center is to provide high-level professional trainings. The training is not only focus on women’s garment but for men and children, school uniforms, bed linen, cushion covers, mats and rugs.

The production unit has been managed by expert tailor master for the production of quality garments. The best trainees form skills development centre have been selected for employment and initially, 13 women are working in the production unit on industrial machines and producing 80 – 100 units of garments per day.

Gilgit Serena Hotel (GSH) awarded the contract to Hunar Gah for production of GSH staff uniform for 2009 as per our existing designs and fabrics. Hunar Gah has been able to successfully meet the deadlines for the delivery of uniform during the month of March.

An activity with the WAC officials and Hunar Gah women employees was organized under SEED Program at their premises on the final delivery of staff uniform for GSH. GSH SEED Team along with associates wearing the new uniform produced visited Hunar Gah Project to appreciate the efforts and to encourage the women workers.

The General Manager of Gilgit Serena Hotel appreciated their good quality work and assured them for Serena Hotels support for the promotion of their organization. At the end, Ms. Yasmin Ali- Convenor Regional WAC, Ms. Sanam Zafar- Chairperson of the Centre and Mr. Amir Ali Member Finance, of the Hunar Gah thanked Serena Management for their valuable support.

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  1. Seemz a verstile environment, each playing their role effectively steping twards the betterment of the quality of life on the tip of the mountains in the exteem north. impressive.
    dont ignore the side effects.

  2. Good initiative. This needs to be replicated to other parts in the North as well, where women can work in a freindly environment and earn money.

    By the way what side effects Genorus is taking about?? would he like to elobrate?


  3. The project Hunar Gah, deserves appreciation for successfully delivering its objectives to create employment opportunities, enhancing skills, and import substitution, managing to fill up a last standing gap between local demand and supply chain.

    WEC of IC, Hunar Gah (an excellent name!) needs institutional and individual support for sustainability. Many Jamati Members, who are involved in delivering contracts of uniform to Govt, Military, and Para-Military forces invests hundreds of thousands of rupees in down country, as they were starved of well trained and skilled tailors in the region. I hope Hunar Gah would be able to provide to them and many others the much needed skills and services which will have multiple benefits in terms of creating employment for the women of region, skill development, saving money and time of investors for higher profits and the social impact of all these would be the most desired outcome.

    Congratulation to all stakeholders of the project.


  4. every activity has its opsitive and negative aspects. we can get benifit of th opositives but v must have an eye on the negitives as well,one cant deny the cons. we are in a transitional era so v ought to be more care full economically, socially, culturaly.

  5. Congratulation to all stakeholders of the project- with few suggestions
    – same projects may be innitiated in other districtsof gilgit-Baltistan.
    -Required materials of the project may be sought accross boarders.
    -technical experts of the relevent areas may be involved on short/long and permanant basis.
    -Market and GB level potentials be captured.
    -Intensive advertisement and marking is very essential for its sustainability.
    -Very safe working environment be assured for the womenfolk of cross community.
    -Local and international market study is pre requisite.

    -Cograts once again to the TEAM

  6. This project will benefit the local people of northern areas.This is an incredible opportunity for the women of Northern areas to enhance their skills and at the same time getting familiar with the working environment.
    This social interaction will add to their knowledge that how to handle different situations.Every individual has the capacity to learn the dynamics of different skills and situations.Our women have always picked the right track of life through their experiences so there is no need to worry about the so called side effects mentioned by Genorus.

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