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Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) changing cabinet

by Yaqub Ali

Islamabad, May 5: An important meeting of Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA)  was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Ejaz Ahmed, yesterday, in Islamabad. The meeting was  attended by Gojal’s seniors and  youth living in Rawalpindi – Islamabad,  in large numbers.
The chairman informed the hosue about various projects undertaken by GECA. It was said that registration process of Gojal  Education and Cultural gecaAssociation (GECA) with the  Government has been completed and the certificate issued.

The cultural project with Lok Versa, it was said, is pending because of the current political situation of the country. Final decision, in this regard, will be taken after meeting with the lok Versa authorities, the house was ifnormed. 
Further, it was decided that an interm committee, led by Nazeer Ali khan and assisted by Farman Ali and Eng. Muhammad Jababr, would facilitate and coordinate election of a news cabinet.  It was decided in this meeting that the first election will be held on Sunday 26 May, 2009.

Nazeer Ali Khan, talking to Pamir Times, said that the idea is to introduce GECA in other parts of the country as wel.  He said that GECA has emerged as a powerful regional organization and can play an impotant role in the educational and cultural transition of the region. He, however, said that for the time being all efforts are focused at smooth transfer of leadership, through elections.

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  1. I congratulate all those who are actively taking part in this fourm, especially Eng. Ijaz Ahmad, Eng. Jabar Khan, Farman Ali and Ghulam Shah, the most constructed thinkers.

  2. Just Education and culture ……!
    Gojal need a comprehensive umbrella organization that cover these two sectors..along with other sectors specially politics i.e becoming the integral sector that need much more consideration right now….

  3. Subhan Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    It is really a fantastic work that, because of the increasing ratio of the KHIK MAKHLOOQ in the federal and surrounding areas, it is being decieded to provide such a plate form for the KHIK youth living there, where the KHIK culture can be promoted. But what the need of the time is, that we should try to look our native place if there is any thing lacking or all the needs are fulfilled from the so called organizations like WATCA stc. Its objective should be like,

    > All the members of GECA will do any effort for there native palces.
    > They will be bound for not working with any other associations.
    > There should be a proper check & balance system.

    I give mubarakbad to all of you esp. Eng. Jabar Shahb etc.

  4. Dear All
    GECA is legal entity and registered according to the LAW. There is no need to take tension , be cool and pray for its sucess. Mr. X and Y , We are living in one world and working for the betterment of mankind. So, please broad your mind and come in touch with GECA! . The people who are residing in twin cities are your brother and friends. Our attitude toward the development of gojal is positive and if you join us , our strenght will be increase.
    Mr. Ruzdor who said well that politics should be apart of this organization , but i think we need quality of education in order to compete the poltical field.
    GECA is working on the principles of mutual benefit and trust, we are also aware about our identity and especially for the betterment of Gojal inhabitants.
    As Mr. Fazal mentioned that the members of GECA can not become a member of WTCA , I think we should first audit the account of WTCA and than become the member of WTCA .
    Finally I say that for the development of Gojal eduction, culture , economic system etc , need to work without grouping or classification.

  5. My dear xik brothers, it is hardly 40 year since things have star to change for us and that too at a very fast pace, the major event which brought change in our live style are the end of Mir era, construction of KKH, Tourism and the arrival of NGO (Mainly AKDN), these all events result in to open up the doors of opportunity for us, most of our people took advantage of these opportunities and able to improve the quality of life and some of our people could not make it to the fullest.
    But the question here is not that what we have achieved so far in these forty years, our concern should be that what we have lost and will lose. And what are the current and future threats and challenges to our society. And also what are those opportunities for which we need to prepare our self. I think we can find answers to this question. If we adopt the basic principles of a civilized and balanced society. That is to direct our human resource, time resource and capital in a right direction by keep intact our dear cultural values. We need to learn lesson form the knowledge based societies of the world and make those lesson part of our lives, but at the same time we have to be very careful that we are choosing the right lessons because in this world of knowledge and fast communication the most tricky things to choose the right information.
    As we are now part of this global village so another most challenging thing for us to maintain our identity, to keep our dearest cultural values with us and also to insure that they are imparted to our young generation. We need to be very careful here that what are our those cultural values which we need to take with us and what are those which we need to left. I think most our people make think confuse here.
    At the end of the day the only solution I can see is to come at one platform and fight against these challenges harmony . During our these 40 years we have seen many institutions. Like AKDN institution, Honorary setups, and many institution at village and Gojal level. We need to learn form all these experience and strength these organizations as there ultimate objectives are same. And that is to improve the quality of our life. So wether its GECA or WTCA or any other institution at village or gojal leve, these are basically honorary setups who’s basic objective is to promote and protect out dear cultural values and work for educations and disseminating of useful information . I thing the most effective contribution toward your society is to give your expertise, time and knowledge to these institution. and to make constructive criticism is also important to strengthen your institutions if we take them in a positive way.

  6. Hello, My dear Engineers & journalists of GECA. You are doining good jobe here but I m doubt about your own professional fields.
    Mr, Firdous you. comments is no worthy just you have tried to glorify yourself. I hope you alone could make a revolution in field of educatiuon at Sost.
    thanks all of you

  7. I m rational to comment about GECA, whether it has fixed any objectives or value tagets to achive? or the old exposuring musical festival? Linkage shown the tags that it has alot of things to do. About culture, norms and value, principle, politics( where we will emerge?) education. the mix-up of all these goals will lead the organization to sleep. There is lot of spectacles on the way if I suppose financial, co-existing with other native nations, to operat in this country in the presence of ” these lunatic fringes” because our country is unique itself etc. except this my all good wishes and prayers are with these people.

  8. Thanks for your Kind ideas and inputs regarding the better and effective management of GECA, Being a part of GECA i appreciate the sacrifices of our Leaders by means of Time & Resource . This Association is going through its transition stage.WE would like to Know more comments & Ideas from our natives (Young or Old) to run this institutions efficently. As you all know that People of Gojal established Tens of Associations to address various social, cultural and economic issues of the area, but are not on the scane now.

    To Mr. Nishat Sakhi, ” I am very surprised to see your comments regarding our Leaders, They are role model for us in all asspects of life, I have very much doubts about your Personality, You have no right to ask about the professionalism of our Leaders, If you are more professional than show it to the world, and prove it, But please be carefull before commenting”

  9. Dear Nashat ,
    Today we are not living in a cage of slaves.we are now in a dynamic and diverse world , which is continually changing.
    For my education i did my MBA and now i am busy with Good Governance. Donot worry about my education i will do better and perform the best.
    As my GECA is concerned is a non political welfare organization which is focusing on education as well as on culture aspects. Instead of crtiics i wel come you to join this organization( Brother).
    One thing more the accout related to Nashat is used by the expert who is trying to create a gap between us. Mr . Nashat is now residing in Khyber for last two months!

  10. Nice, good. keep it up GECA. awee…. all the comments, I find lot and 2 0r 3special one.
    1-NISHAT. u jelous?
    2-Firdous Karim. Projection urself!!
    3-SAFDER ALI. oh…. ur ABC, u sounds like a MADRASSA student. post ur ID. I will send you OXFORD DICTIONARY. lolz
    FIRDOUS KAROM & SAFDER ALI belongs from one school of though.

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