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Hunza residents demand action against official


HUNZA, June 2: Residents of Hunza have demanded action against an official of the education department for his ‘misconduct’ at an examination centre.

Aurangzeb, headmaster of FG Boys Middle School Shishkat, who has been deputed as superintendent at Gulmit Boys High School examination centre, has reportedly allowed entry of revenue department and police officials and other irrelevant persons into the centre, disturbing the students, a teacher, on condition of anonymity, informed Dawn.

According to teacher, when the students raised voice against this, Mr Aurangzeb threatened them of low marks or failure in papers and pressured them to sign a document, declaring him as innocent.

The teacher said, the superintendent has particularly singled out students of Al-Amyn Model School.

A female candidate at the examination centre blamed the superintendent for harassment and taking pictures of the female candidates with his mobile.

The community representatives of Gojal valley have also demanded transfer and removal of the superintendent for violating the local norms. They also demanded an investigation against the official for his misconduct.

They accused Aurangzeb of getting illegal benefits by using the influences of his father Karim Khan, a retired high official of the education department and some other interest groups within the department.

They said he had been illegally deputed as the superintendent examination thrice at the FG Boys High School Gulmit during the year.—Correspondent

From PT

Gulmit, June 2: An examiner named Aurangzeb, deputed by the Karakuram International University at Gulmit Boys High School examination center, has threatened students with low marks or failure in papers, in case they failed to sign a typed application, in his favor.

According to reports, in reaction to news items published in various regional newspapers and Pamir Times about the examiner’s lax in invigilation, amounting to misuse of official powers, the KIU authorities have probably demanded explanation from him. The examiner is now pressurizing the students to give him a clean chit, by signing a typed application. PT has verified the news from highly authentic sources.Let’s inform the readers that these are students of 9th and 10th classes.

This particular examiner had been inviting or allowing irrelevant officials of the Tehsil administration in the examination hall, which led to a scuffle in the village, leading to manhandling of a police official. Ironically, the same examiner has been deputed controller for 9th class , 10th Class examinations, controller for practical exams of both classes and, recently, controller for the exams of Allama Iqbal Open University. It seems that the board authorities have run short of human resources! 

The students feel threatened because they are having their third and last practical examination, of Biology, after a couple of days. The students have contacted their respective schools and intimated them of the threats they have received from this government employee.

According to reports a resolution has also been drafted by the local community against Aurangzeb, signed by local political leaders, Numberdars and other notables, for submission to the  Secretary of Education, Northern Areas.

The examiner has, reportedly,  singled out students of Al – Amyn Model School, threatening them for ‘dire consequences for reporting the news to the media’.

The local community has expressed extreme displeasure over this state of affairs and have asked the KIU board authorities, Chief Executive Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Chief Secretary to take notice of the situation and to ensure that no injustice is done with the bright and hardworking students of the region. Further, they have demanded immediate action against the examiner, Aurangzeb.

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  1. Dear Noor,

    you have done a great job for highlighting this news in PT, keep up your commandable efforts and achievements.

    it seems that the examiner is using the same tactics, behaviour and attitude which we have been facing in other parts of the country.

    moreover it also seems that the examiner is also unaware of the local norms, values, and traditions. people of Hunza and Gojal are well aware of such bad practices and tactics due to their high literacy rate and access to print and electronic media.

    I would suggest the KIU administration to take strict action against all such officials for misusing their official powers and misconduct.

    Shah Zaman

  2. Dear Noor

    Thank you for sharing such an important issue. Being an educationist and planner i totaly agree with your points. This is no way an examiner shall behave. I have a feeling that he is not a professional condidate for examination purpose. KIU must set a criteria for such condidates and must keep check and blance because its a joke with students’ future. They are waiting for exams since one year so i hope the higher authorities and local community will approch the KIU officals and controll of examination for the blunder and save the students careers and take serious action againts the examiner…..

    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani Foundation ECD program

  3. The case discussed in the news needs attention of the whole community, and administration in particular. It has been a trend in Gilgit and else where that invigilators use their power illegitimately. I have seen examiners taking money from students for giving them free hand in exams here in Lahore.

    But, this special case, one of its types can have devastating impact on the lives of the young students. We condemn the role of the invigilator and that of KIU, that despite complaints against him, he was allotted the same center.

  4. Well dear here comes the leaders to act their action.
    Mr. what ever this is what happends to those community who lack leaders.
    Noor has done his job but let us see what the other do.
    This is the time when every villager shoudl come out and voice the issue. form Chipurson Misgar to shishkut . to make the issue. He the person Aurangzab is a civil servent. OUR Servent not King ,,,,,,,,, Fruit him for his action

  5. What an irrsposible attitude.I think the University will look into the matter.


  6. KIU administration should take strong action aganist their employee to set an example for other to avoid such tactices in future, it is not new in NA there are many other examples in other department too.
    Should be shame.

  7. There is a simle point TO THINK ON. People of other region know the pro and cons OF LIFE, and i can say that our peoples are civilized and piece liking. From this point the others have a misunderstanding that WE HAVENT HAVE POWER OF FIGHTING
    OR SIMPLY WE DONT FIGHT. there fore the others with the help of police and others Govt employees in gojal roume around on our land and we dont like to say them any thing.
    This is the case that all things just happens arround.

  8. This shows how KIU is being run. It is said to be full of incompetent people hired without any criteria and the being the main reason for deteriorating standard of education.

    It should be an eye-opener for the administration of Northern Areas and the Chief Court should take suo-moto notice of such high handedness and non-professional attitude of the responsible and bar such elements to pollute the educational environment of the region.

    It seems that this guy is going to play with the future of the young students only to save his skin. If the authorities do not take serious notice of this guy the responsibility of any loss to the students will be on the shoulders of the administration of KIU, Secretary Education and the Chief Secretary, as the matter has already been high-lighted in the press and on the web.

    Let’s see who assumes his responsibility first and if nothing is done in time then people may take their own course of action against all responsible.

    We will take up this matter in the national press and high ups at Federal levels and will ensure appropriate action is taken against Mr. Aurangzeb.

  9. WE are protesting against the Misuse of power in the education sector in Gilgit region.
    Today we all are facing the problem, because of misusing the power; We are suggesting the KIU Authorities
    To take strict action against the person who is abusing the power

    Gulf & Saudi Group

  10. Plz tell Mr. Aurangzeb…………………………

    “NO BULL SHIT!!!”

  11. well thanks noor for sharing this important information.
    strict action should be taken against the examiner and also KIU should ensure that such peoples who are controversial are not assingend any examination related duty.

  12. i request the KIU Board to take strong action against the examiner.don’t play game wth the students carer.

  13. With apology
    in ma comment

    Smile is Simple
    People of OUR region nat OTHER region

  14. It is a shameful act, and absolute violation of educational ethics. Karakorum University Examination Boar must immediately take notice of the incident, probe into the issue and make the responsible individual (s) accountable.

    Iqbal Barcha
    Vice Principal
    Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit

  15. Now there is nothing left ….. every thing is crystal clear and is duty of Education Department to terminate this ill and poor mind guy in the education department. This man along with others visiting the Exam centres now should be not only removed from their position rather should be arrested.

    This criminals are also risk for the peace and harmony in the region


  16. I salute, people of PT and Dawn, for making the voice of the student more powerful. This is called a nation it’s not the case of Mr. Aurangzab only there are many Aurangzeb present in the offices eager to manipulate and misuse our simple nature.
    To be patients with such people it’s a sin, as it encourages more to such act. Proper action should be taken. The first step is always to voice up against such mode, which is nicely acted by PT and responded by Dawn. Now it is time to listen to the answer form the respondents, Government and KIU officials.
    Let the time give us the way.

  17. the recent incident clearly dipicts the deplorable situation of our education system—-where an MNA makes his cousion sit in the board exam in his place.That is where one can at least think of the system be somehow better..,a number of exam centers get freezed in karachi for mishandling and cheating..the situation is far more IRONICAL in the far flung areas–the nothern areas –where a teachear becomes a BRUTAL SHEPARDDD—-such individuals defame the esteeeem of a Teacher–and muust be brought to justice immediately,,,,,,,MR .LAW where r uuu…….

  18. Its really a shamefull act by the examiner and the controller of examination is directed to take strong action against the issue.. we people are the most loose ones in this regard but we have to raise voice against issues like these and make the setup proper.

  19. thanks PT to bring it to public , MISUSE OF POWER by the controller examination is illigale and action must be taken against him

    but the very good news for all is that the last pratical of biology has come to an end and he was unable to do anything against the students

    the credit goes to the media and specially PT to bring dis issue in media

    we are in great need to bring it in the notice of those who are trying to use their power illigelay

    we have visited the board and they have promised to take action against him so
    thank u all again to support us

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