PT just got better!!

Hello readers,

Pamir Times has taken a number of steps for improvement of services and positioning PT in a more objective manner. We believe that these changes reflect popular demands of our readers.  Some of the steps that we have taken are:


  •  PT purchased 5 GB extra space for storing more data online
  • This purcahse enables us to also add music (audio) files to the blog
  • A new domain name has been purchased to give PT a more professional look 
  • Lastly, but never the least, we have adopted the new PT Slogan. Pamir Times aims to Inform, Inspire and Involve its readers in pursuit of  a better society.

So, as members of the PT family, we all stand to;III

Team PT

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  1. Great efforts and wonderful moto. This leads us to the knowledge scoiety which is more inclusive and enriching.

    Keep the good work PT.

    Sultan Ahmed

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