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“No election without additional GBLA seat for Hunza”, Nazir Sabir

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nazirsabirGilgit, August 31: World renowned mountaineer and the first person to defeat Ghazanfar Ali Khan in Hunza, Nazir Sabir, has announced that people of Hunza will boycott the upcoming elections if the promised additional seat is not notified.

“While we rejoice our identity back, and only a tiny part of the well deserved political rights along with rest of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan, yet again the people of Hunza, Ghizar and Shigar remain deprived of additional constituencies”, reads a message sent out by Nazir Sabir. 

He further said, “We strongly demand our right to two seats in the provincial assembly before the elections”. The bold statement and stand by Nazir Sabir is being taken as a welcome step and a positive change by various circles who are disappointed by the ineffective role played by the present representative of Hunza, Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

While Sabir is known for his mountaineering skills the world over, in Hunza valley his reputation as an iconoclast political hero transcends all other identities. He is highly respected among the young and old people, alike.

His decision to boycott the elections will have profound impact on voters.

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  1. when nazir sabir summits mount everest he belongs to ali abad hunza and when it commes of vote he becomes Ramijic (a village in gojal) and Hunzai. for Gode sake! stop hood winking the masses.

  2. You should be ashamed of localizing your vision to this small wet and balck hole. He is proud to have been born in Hunza and later having walked some twelve miles every day from Aliababd where he resided and spent most of seven year childhood and school days in Hunza.

    He takes pride and is never ashamed of the small village of Raminji that he often mentions and he did that in his latest interview on AAJ TV on Pakistan day this year as well. Open your brain and eyes and stop being too jealous and biased. Enough is enough and we can smell what you are trying to say and stop didving the people of Hunza now or you would go to hell with your small vision like many of lthe ikes of you in the past!

  3. I’m surprised to see the approaches of our literate poeple. The theme of discussion is focused on the seats in the provincial assembly and not on Mr. Nazir Sabir’s place of birth or place of origin (immigration). Why it is being detracked? I think, we should understand the issue and come out of our shells (prejudice) of regions or ethniciities or language. This is discouraging behavior, indeed. What we have got out of such approaches or fruitless debates?

    I cordially appreciate Mr. Nazir Sabir’s stance on the issue of the seats for the regions he rightly mentions such as Hunza, Ghizer and Shigar. Till that time, the seats issue is not dealt fairly and not notified, the communinities of the region definintely need to boycott the upcoming so-called election in November. We do support Mr. Sabir’s viewpoint; and it is our political right, no one can further dictate us.

    If the people of Hunza (Gojal, Kanjut and Shinaki) claim for having high literacy rate or advance in the professional fields, then they must also keep up their vision, worldview along with more effective and achievable strategies; and support those views which are really achievable and longlasting effects.

  4. Nazir Sabir is a national hero for his achievements. He is representing the frustration of our area (not only Hunza but whole Gilgit Baltistan). We should not doubt his intentions now. We should stand behind him on our way to our gaol.

  5. I think in every society there are narrow minded people but we have to tolerate them, God will guide them .
    Nazir Sabir is our hero and leader, we are proud of him, secondly we have to support to fight for the demand of additional seat for hunza, unite and totally boycott the upcoming elections. This is the right time to record our demand and to build pressure on goverrnment.

    And i think this is the main difference between thinking of a leader and a biased person.

    Ali Asghar

  6. We should appreciate and support Nazir for his stance. He is saying whatever we all demand. Now it is responsibility of the people to support Nazir and come together. It is disappointing for all of us that Ghazanfer being the Chief Executive remained unable to get additional seat for his own constituency. Now it is crystal clear that how much we can expect from such opportunistic leaders. Please remain unite for stopping the ways of such leaders in up-coming elections.

    I am not sure who is the first commenting in a way which not acceptable for any one from Gojal (Upper Hunza) or central Hunza. Once again i request you all not to confine our leaders like Nazir

  7. .It manifests extremely pathetic thoughts and narrow vision, when we start to think in a closed tube / valley forgetting our real demands / objectives. It,s demand of the time that we should think on broader horizons.
    Regardless of Nazir Sabir’s affiliation from any part of Hunza, the global thing which needs to be emphasized is, his status being a National Hero we are pound it that he is from GB and we need to appreciate / SUPPORT for his endeavors getting the additional seat for Hunza Region which is the core demand of the people of Hunza.

  8. It manifests extremely pathetic thoughts and narrow vision, when we start to think in a closed tube / valley forgetting our real demands / objectives. It,s demand of the time that we should think on broader horizons.
    Regardless of Nazir Sabir’s affiliation from any part of Hunza, the global thing which needs to be emphasized is, his status being a National Hero we are pound it that he is from GB and we need to appreciate / SUPPORT for his endeavors getting the additional seat for Hunza Region which is the core demand of the people of Hunza.

  9. The above debate about where Nazir Sabir hails from shows the inherently contradictory structure of mind and society of Hunza. Time and again, I commented on this blog that we Hunzukuch (including gojal and shinaki) have only skin deep catholicity or open mindedness. Within the veneer of education, we are very parochial and our minds are trapped in tribalism, language, ethnicity and regionalism. Education has not permeated into our inner self, rather it is trapped in the hard cover of our outer shells.

    The person who is objecting on Nazir Sabir’s statement about his original place is definitely parochial, for his thinking is trapped in Gojal. However, he does have a point where he raises question regarding contradiction within Nazir statements about his belonging. We are the people who transgress boundaries of rationality in love and hate. Same is the case with Nazir and Ghazanfar. If we eulogize Nazir then we make him god immune from criticism. If we dislike him our arguments become ad hominem. Please be rational.

    Regarding the perception of the people of Gojal vis-à-vis identity of Hunza we need to have fruitful debate in which we can be able to detect the shift in the tectonic plates of identity in Hunza. We need to know about the underlying forces that are bringing shift in identity. But to do so we need to be as objective as possible. Otherwise we will end up regurgitating received wisdom and prejudice and hence fail to comprehend what is happening to us. An important point to note is that identity can never be static. It changes with the passage of time. So do not condemn your successors to fixed identity.

  10. It is a shameful narrow mindedness of someone who wants to divide people of Hunza on linguistic lines possibly to help someone.

    It is simply an effort to divide the people on the same old lines. We should no go into these debates at this time. It is time to talk about real issues.

    We should be careful of conspiracies as we do not afford it anymore.

  11. To some extent i bid my agreement with some of khameto opinions, but in any society, diversity in thoughts manifests a natural phenomenon, which is undeniable, as Mashalla, today in Hunza we are having an apex of literacy ratio. But the core persuading factor which needs to be eradicated from our society is, absolute localizing thoughts. If we start to design our policies or elevate our demands in the perspective of some stark segments of our past, than it would definitely harm our global objectives.

  12. what a politics? guys, its time for change we should remain care full of the people like Nazir Yes he is good mountain climber but not remain agood leader? were was he. for last ten years. why thy left us at stack. the are responsible for leader ship crises. we should search our leader with our own. mr nazeer has ever use raming and try to use gojali sympathy to gain vote. ok we assess our leader wiyh our political spher.

  13. While I agree with most of our bloggers above but I would take this lberty to say a few words about some of the opinions. It seems to me that Miss Rubab has missed out on how the the whole of Paksitan, Gildit Baltistan, Hunza Gujal and his native village Raminji was given not only on the national media but world over with the historic stepping of our own hero Nazir Sabir. Maybe she is too old to remember or too young not to know the same day he was given the welcome recetion in Hunza he left the same night to Sost and he first visited his birth place Raminji even before visiting his sisters in Aliabad.

    I would also like to mention here an interesting story for our readers. I am a witness to an occasion at the reception dinner given to him by his well wishers at Serena Lodge Gilgit two of the close associates of Mr Ghazanfar passed the invitation for tea at Darbar hotel the following evening . Nazir Sabir outrightedly refused the offer to the grave disappoinment of the so called reps of Ghazanfar and he told them he has plans to first visit His people in Raminji and Babaghundi in Gujal soon after the formal reception in central Hunza. I was astonished to see the Nazir Sabir way of dealing with those tricky invitations. We all know when it comes to his feelings about his native people and the land that gave him birth!

  14. Rahimullah
    Do not try to become a sahaba of your prophet Nazir Sabir. You are presenting him as a sagacious person who knows the nicieties of politics. But he proved complete failure in politics. Ghazanfar made a good come back not because of his popularity rather by cashing on the failure of Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig. I request Nazir Sabir to leave the political arena for full time politician and do not take it as an activity like climbing expedition that are carried out once in a year.
    You eulogising of Nazir Sabir’s refusal of invitation of Ghazanfar precisely testifies the observation of Khameto that Hunzukch are not logical in love and hate. His refusal of invitation from Ghazanfar shows his weak personality. as strong leader is the one who is not afraid of interacting with his oponents. I can give you various examples where Nazir and Ghazanfar participated in a same private event and had good conversation. therefore, do not show Nazir Sabir as an embodied angel. He is mortal like us and shares strengths and flaw typical of human being.

  15. Dear all Nazir sahib and Mir both are fail and we the people of hunza don’t like to see them again in hunza politics

  16. well Nazir we all are with you step up don’t worry some one wants angels for politics in Hunza and they are settle in dream so need to care those we really proud of you

  17. You may try to sound on the Hunza politics Anti or pro Khamito. Your bravery is quite visible from your cowardly hidden identity here or some kind of shame that maybe attached to your real person.

    I agree with you Nazir Sabir is a human being with all human weaknesses. Nazir was forced into politics and he came far too lower than where his mountaineering successes took him within and outside Pakistan to get us rid of this corrupt leadership. This was his big sacrifice and he tried to do whatever best he could with his limited knowledge on the subject. Some of his best successes were the humble fight he continued during his five years at all levels.

    He was the sole single person who fought with the then corrupt secretary education Mehrdad and his master and minister Majeed Malik and forced the termination of over 450 people who were taken with bribes for rs. 30000 each.

    Nazir Sabir is only remember from G/B so far who of did not claim T/A DA while we all know and every clerk at the secretariat knows how many millions of rupees Ghazanfar claimed with fakes receipts of Hotel Shalimar etc in his all tenures while residing his palace in ISB. You can educate yourself and ask the cashier at the Secretariat next time you are around OK. Nazir did this just to save the horor of Hunza and it is people as their representative.

    Nazir Sabir was the one who proposed the many recent developments in G/B to Primier Shaheed BB at Shangri La hotel on her visit. Some of his important proposals that were implemented in at that meeting were the revival of the Northern Scouts, 1600 posts in education department, Degree College at Ghizer, Treasury Offices in all districts and revival of K2 weekly. He also proposed to her to upgrade the Skardu airport as an International Airport and extend the Gilgit airport by selling the present one. Few of those still remain to be implemented besides so many others important guidelines that he gave in the field of tourism and mineral resources.

    Now coming to your prophet Ghazanfar one can easily see either you are a paid puppet or one from ” Khandan -e- ghulaman” or totally blind and ill informed. Had Ghazanfar been at this Shangri La meeting he would have only asked for a few timber permits , a new Land Cruiser of would have handed her a few files to transfer few unfortunate government employees who do not necessarily come from the same background you come from to obey the most corrupt son of the mirdom legacy ever in their often cruel, corrupt and dark history on this land with the help of the stooges like yourself. You are the type of people who were used to continue their criminal practices down the over 800 year history of tyranny and injustices.

    You and the likes of you can only mourn and keep being jealous for the first ever historic success of Nazir Sabir who not only took away the public mandate from your masters for the first time but paved the way for any commoner from Hunza.

    We all know even people like our War Hero Shah Khan, Great G M Baig, Advocate M. Shafi, Mir Baz, Abbuzar and Advocate Ehsan failed to do that with all their tall social service and decades of political background. The oppressed people and more so the youth of Hunza only expected their mountaineer hero to bring this change in the Hunza Valley. The history will remember him for this unique change coming down from the mountains one day with a humble back ground of son of a brave father went was sent to jail by Ayash Khan at Kalandarchi post for having differences while both served in the then Gigit scouts. Ayash Khan got some beating in the hands of this brave youth when he got him in embezzlement of funds from the rations. There are still some witness to that in Misgar and you can educate yourself on it. Nazir simply had it in his blood and came to take his revenge for this kind of tyranny in the hands of the cruel oppressors with the help of you and many others who remain the real enemies of the poor masses. The honest people, youths of Hunza and his well wishers salute Nazir Sabir for his many great world level successes and this one and above all his honesty that no one can take away from him!

  18. Hello Readers,

    This is right debat about the choose of our political leader, either we will choose Mr, Nazir for upcoming election or not?Regardless his birth Place is in Hunza or Upper Hunza (Harbar), or we can say Gojal.
    I think most of you will agree with this fact about Mr, Nazir’s Previous term when he was Advisor for education NAs, Now G.B,
    what sort of leadership responsiblities he performed and what sort of Devalopment activities has been done by him, i believe less then 10 percent of our devalopment budget has been utilized in his term.remaining budget was been given in Nagar 2, now why he wants again? and why we want him to come twice.cos PPP is in central Government? or now cos of international financial crisis and our critical Political conditions has suffered the Tourisoum, and he probably suffering of it.
    I request all of you readers try to bring a new leader who can realy be the spokes man of our Community, we salute all of our previous leaders, No Mir, No Nazir and No wazir.Now we want a young Kabir….from any part of Hunza.

  19. I agree 100% with Rahimullah. We all know there are so many small people who are jealous of Nazir Sabir’s so many successes coming from a humble background and often they can’t stand those successes that he earned out of his sole determination. No body pushed him up the mountain but he had to drag his feet all by himself to earn that international stature that we Hunza’s don’t even seem to be able to measure. Ask a foreign climber when you come across and he would tell you the type of person Nazir is known in his own right outside of this country. How many Hunzukutz have earned the prestigious awards like ” Siatar-e- Imtiaz” besides, “Presidents Medal for Pride of Performance”!

    Similarly he won the elections in Hunza with the help of those who wanted a change and youth played the real role for his success. Wazir Baig was even more known to people in Hunza but nazir won because people believe in his strong determination, his sincere personality and above all his outstanding role in bringing great honor and fame for his homeland Hunza and Pakistan. We are genuinely proud of him as our hero as a sportsman and for his positive legacies that he earned in the dirty politics. He will always be remembered for his outstanding role against the sectarian politics at the time.

    What he lacked in politics was dishonesty that combined with corruption and tall claims and false promises that so sadly makes today’ politician successful. Nazir often said he is a misfit in today’s politics as he doesn’t have those qualifications that our present rep enjoys up to his neck.

  20. Dear Rahim,
    Do not get emotional. I am neither an enemy of Nazir Sabir, nor is anti-Khameto. Anybody who opposes Nazir does not mean he is a puppet of Ghazanfar. I was not lyrical about Ghazanfar, but you certainly were about Nazir.
    Because of your knee jerk reaction it is impossible to carry on the debate. I just want to raise two questions: why Nazir Sabir failed to create additional seat when he was member when PPP was in power? Since he belongs to PPP why does not he convince his party to create additional seat?
    For me the best candidate is Ahsan because he is anit-establishmentarian and courage to stay against the odds. But narrow minded Hunzukch rejected this son of soil despite the fact that he was elected a president of Bar Association in the region outside Hunza – Gilgit. So much for the narrow thinking of broadminded hunzukuch.

  21. By critically reviewing the debats i am still unable to draw a conclusion of all these. However one thing is very clear that most of the people are not aware of politics and development. This lacking takes them to so many useless debats.

    Pesonally I support Nazir’s stance agiast his own party comparing with the praising statement of Ghazenfar despite being anti-PPP.

    One of the comments says that during the tenure of Nazir 10% of the development funds were used in Hunza and rest were transfered to Nagar…. Please it is not so, and you should first understand the roles and procedures of ADPs.

    Please be realistic and confirm yourself to the item, thaer you wether you support the stance or not……

  22. Well
    Just outstanding , this is called defending your self, its for Ganzanfar or Nazir sabir, it is to protect your words
    the world is a place where we have less time then problems.

    But I realy enjoyed it. Keep it up Guys

    Im pro-happy for you all love you

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