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Dissent in Hunza Valley over seat increment inaction

by Noor

Hunza, August 31: Strong reaction can be seen in public opinion in Hunza valley over the lull maintained by the federal government over increment of the valley’s participation in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA). The people of Hunza have been demanding increment of the valley’s representation from one seat to two in the house for the past fifteen years, since creation of the Northern Areas Council, in 1994. Successive governments have put the burning issue of popular demand under the carpet.

According to a news report published by a Sada-e-Gilgit, Nazir Sabir, ex member of the Northern Areas Legislative Council, has threatened that he would boycott upcoming elections if the number of seats is not increased for Hunza valley. However, this could not be confirmed from Nazir Sabir, or his sources.

The popular sentiment is not different from what Mr Sabir has, reportedly, stated. People have been waiting for years and using peaceful means to get an additional seat for Hunza but different forces have hindered such efforts for personal reasons.  

Let’s also remind our readers that establishment of Hunza – Nagar district, desptie of being notified, is in doldurm for unknown reasons. The people of Hunza heavily critize Ghazanfar Ali khan, the cheif executive of NALA, for his inability to fulfill these two major demands of his constituency.

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  1. fortunatl we have gone through the notification of hunza-nagar district which seemsrealistic approch from pt. we should move our motion with consultation of all stake holder hunza including all parties and persnalities.very amazing dicission by nazir, he remain out of hunza nor he involves him self in politics of hunza. we appreciat the role pyf baba jan and mir who remain with people of hunza at any level

  2. The goverment of Pakistan need to be serious and adequnately comprehend that without Hunza valley (esp. Hunza) and the Ishkoman Valley, there may not be fruther strategic postion of Pakistan. If these geographical areas are this much important (which link with Pakistan with Central Asia and China), then the people are of equal importance who are bridge between these states and regions (Central vs South Asia and China).

    In this connection, is it a big deal to approve an additional seat for the regions. Hunza deserves not only one more but rather two more additional seats in the political constituency. At present, Hunza has got only one seat in the GBLA. I must be three which is international borders and extensive valley.

    It is imperative to provide 2 more seats for Hunza in the GBLA and must not be created any Gapla (in Urdu).

  3. Nazeer Sabir is very right on his stance of saying that he will boycott if the demand of 2 seats for Hunza not being announced before the upcoming election, people of Hunza and Nagar are famous to called Hunza and Nagar as Larkana, the elected govt needs to address their grievances. Let see how long Nazeer took this stance.

  4. My point of view regarding Hnza as District and Package is that, the local leadership of PPP has intentionally delayed the announcements of both. it is due to up coming elections and in my point of view it is tantamount to pre-poll rigging, evidently.

    Rationale: Mr. Jafer Shah (Justice Apltt. court), unelected person, and Afzal Shigree (Former IG Sindh and a Bureaucrat and PPP sympathizer) were major local people concluding the package. Its been 2 months for Jafer shah to be Judge, Kaira Dissolved Cabnet before announcing package, and it is expected that soon after signatures from president assembly will also be dissolved and then primeminister will visit GB to announce the District of Hunza and formally the Package for the people and Hence convincing people to vote PPP.

  5. The genuine voice and concern of Nazir Sabir represents the true feelings of Hunza Valley at large. Although the people of Hunza rejoice the tiny bit of the much awaited political rights and more than that the relief for revival of the historical identity of the region as Gilgit and Baltistan with our brethren across the northern belt.

    It is a pity we the people of Hunza have a very weak memory. Even the ignorant voters of Ghazani know but ashamed to admit the criminal negligence he committed two decades ago when he was the representative while favoring his maternal relationships and pleasing his masters. We will never forget he was the one who deprived the Hunzukutz by refusing to go along with the proposal of the then government to form a new constituency including lower part of Hunza and Nagar to fulfill his evil selfish motives.

    Later again at a very large gathering organized by Mr. Nazir Sabir at the opening of the FG College ground Aliabad when Federal Minister Majeed Malik was about to announce the rightful constituency for Hunza on the demand of Mr. Nazir Sabir in his welcome address. Over 6000 people are a witness it was Ghazanfar who whispered into the ears of the minister just before his speech sitting next requesting him not to announce it or it would go to a PPP credit! He succeeded while we people of Hunza remain neglected and yet again we mourn these two tragedies Ghazani cruel legacy with the Hunza valley.

    Besides don’t we all know how many times the former dictator Musharraff visited Hunza to have a toast of a glass of fresh Hunza wine with the self proclaimed ….. “royals”!! Except for few stooges like the self declared communist Aman ullah Khan and others the people of Hunza wouldn’t know what all was presented to the VIP visitors ….. !!!. One would ask what stopped them from asking him to allocate this rightful constituency for Hunza instead of begging for writing off illegal hefty loans and liquor permits.

    Therefore all those who have been supporting Ghazanfar are equally responsible for this injustice done to the people of Hunza over and over again.

  6. It would be extremely an immature substance / prospect to keep our expectations with ghazanfar for his struggle in receipt of additional seat to Hunza. Since his inception as our representative, decades and decades long history is the factual manifestation for his contributions to Hunza. I am pretty sure about that ghazani is not sincere in allocation of additional seat. What if, some parties intends to take the political credit after full filling our core demands, than it,s any irrational prospect. Bottom line is, it,s our prime responsibility to support the voices, which are really ahead in our endeavors.

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