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“Party ticket is my right”, Hajat Mohammad

Hajat Mohdby Nur

Islamabad, October 10: Hajat Mohammad, 48,  a seasoned political activist from Moorkhoon, Gojal, has recently been appointed the secretary general of PPP, Hunza – Nagar district. A notification has been issued by the PPP central leadership in this regard. Hajat is also a candidate for LA 6, Hunza 6. He has applied for party ticket, which is expected to be awarded within twenty four hours.

“Party ticket is my right”, he told this scribe. “I have worked for PPP since 1970, and played a major role in success of Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig’s first term, as chief organizer of thier election campaigns”, he said. Now he wants to contest for the legislative assembly seat as a PPP candidate. He has served as a  member of district council once and lost the election to Shehbaz Khan of PML (Q) during the last election.

“I have worked with Advocate Johar”, he recounts from the past. “He was a great leader who had clear vision and crisp determination for creation of a democratic society in Gilgit – Baltistan”. Hajat was jailed on 1st May 1986 along with his companions, under article 506, for organizing and leading a protest for the political rights of Gilgit – Baltistan in Sost, Gojal. “They wanted to persecute me as a traitor of the state”, he said.

Hajat also said that he is among the founding members of HERP (Hunza Educational Resrouce Project). He has also helped creation of educational, cultural and social welfare socities in Gojal and Hunza valley.

“I am a senior member of the party and my experience in the field of practical politics is immense.  I have dedicated my entire life for political activism and spreading the ideas of PPP”, he said. He hopes that based on seniority, experience and services for the party he would be getting the party ticket. “But if they don’t award me the ticket, I would follow party discipline and accept the decision”, he says.

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  2. Seemz pretty strange….ya i agree he served the party with true heart n i do respect him for what he didi in the past but it’s a game u have to win…..Mr Hajat must analyz thatt how much vote bank he has……
    If I am a member of party it doesn’t mean I got the ultimate right……he must give chance to the fresh blood…….we need a person who deals with tactics, who have the courage to lead and give the right direction..
    How long we to go with these old ideas?????
    We need change…change for better tomorrow.
    I think we all have to analyz ourselves too…..we need a true leadership for upcoming challenges not PARASITES, which we had………these sort of decesions gives chance to those who r not loyal to us…….

  3. We’ll appreciate if PPP gives party ticket to Hajat Muhammad. He has services for the party and since longtime he is working as a political leader in the region and he ran some successful movments e.g Sost Dry Port movement agains Ghazanfer and family, for the rights of people in Khunjerav National Park, etc and spreading the ideology of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the region.

    He deserves for the PPP ticket for the LA 6 Hunza 6
    Best of the Luck Hajat Bhai

    An activist of PPP Hunza/Nagar

  4. I agree with DEE JAY about the vote bank ! we appreciate mr. hajat but if he and his party is willing to to work and serve hunza he has to give prime priority that his party should won, and for that he has to realize is he the best candidate for it?

  5. We do respected Mr Hajat mohad his service for party since 1980.and committed loyalty devoted service for party in Hunza Gojal.he started Bhuttoisam and ideological politics first time in Gojal. He gave awareness to the youth about modern politic. He changed traditional politics .he did so many scarification to the party in difficulties, which is not forgettable. In the last five years he is involvement local politics and misused party in Gojal, he created problem in Sost Dry Port issue, .unfortunate the party and local people disheart and unsatisfied with Mr Hajat. We suggest him to consult and dialogues with party member and seniors at this stage to pool vote bank, due to famous Sost Dry Port issue the gape between JIALOOS and Hajat has been increased. Now he will face great challenges to reduce this gapes, he needs same serious dialogues with the leaders of party especially in SOST, he need to do politics reconciliation. And maintain the discipline of party
    Hope his new companions like Hoor Shah, Sanjar Baig, Baba Jan, Ali Afsar and other will support him, who support him in port issue better.

    Best wishes to Hajat Muhammed.

    Munir Uddin Rumi

  6. I respect Sir hajat,he is a good guy but he didnt do nothing for himself and for the community i don’t thing he can chage himself and make any change for us he is good in talking not in practical.
    By the way good luck to you Sir

  7. It is very difficult to have people like Hajat who dedocated his whole life for politics and one party. We were yourng and know this Hajat promoting the cause of impowerment and today we have crossed our youthood and still find this Hajat tied with one party. He is a true party worker…. Some of friends here have commented that we have to analyze ourselves…..oho dear what to analyze and how to analyze…. who are the potential leaders and how much younger are they….. we have learnt that some of the people who have supported and benefitted mir in last elections are also trying to get the PPP ticket….. howcome…. we all know that the nature and history of PPP in Hunza is quite different. It was the people who worked against Mir System and called them as PPP and that is the idealogy and foundation of PPP.

    Personally i think among the candidates Hajat is more suitable and has appreperiate vote bank too…, the only thing he is lacking is money and that is not a big deal

  8. Hajat Mohammad has a great visionary leader of Hunza, he can resolve the problems of the area which are outstanding for many years. He is a good communicator and a debator than his other colleagues, so he is the right person lead the Hunza.

    All the success!

  9. First of all i congregulate Mr.Hajat as appoint Secretery Genral of PPP in Hunza-Nagar district.Really Mr.Hajat is very senior party of PPPs, and founder of HERP. and still hope and pray to get ticket from PPP.

    Best Wishes

    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

  10. I have all my best wished with you Hajjat Bai. Although I am not so much into politics and I don’t really like it in its current form of practice but I like people who are forthcoming and have a thirst for development. I avoid the word “change” beacuse change can be negative as well. Go dear jump into it don’t worry on the word Vote Bank (it is never fixed). In fact I have my good wishes to all the candidates excepts the ones who have all ready contributed good or not so good for us.
    Give fresh blood a chance to show their enthusiasm and let leadership groom. Having said that; I also suggest the youth to practice leadership on other platforms before entering into a masive competitive mode of leadership.

  11. From the interview of mr.hijat u can better guess the leadership in him……is it a real leadership speaking????? a real leader never ever speaks for his personal earnings rather he speaks for the rights of the public, like party ticket is mine and bla bla………
    now if the party members aren’t gona support him then how could get the so called party ticket………..

  12. Well…….. the most appropriate and democratic way to decide about the candidate for the upcoming election from any party is to held internal election within the party, this would be acceptable to all on one hand, and on the other hand it would further strengthen “the System” .

    Unfortunately in Pakistan, personalities have become more important than the system itself. Can’t we set an example for the whole nation, particularly, to all the so called democratic political parties, by holding an election within parties in Hunza for any position. Although we claim to have 80% literacy rate ,when it comes to praise ourselves, but don’t act like a literate when it comes to practice.

    The acceptability of all the parties in public is decreasing as the level of maturity in society increases. We the people of Hunza Gojal always talk against MIRS and PIRS, which in principle is quite right, and because we all love democracy and freedom of expression, but on the other side we get emotionally attached to the national political party, where there is dictatorship within their party, they are only left with claims to be democratic party.

    Pakistan belongs to a wadera, who has turned himself to a politician, and the politician who has turned himself into an industrialist.

    Finally If I have to give a realistic opinion, I would congratulate Mr Hajat Muhammad for the appointment as secretary general of PPP Hunza-Nagar(if that has come through a system). But the party ticket will go to the person who is close to presidency. if this is so, who ever he might be, he will and should not be accepted as a true leader within the community and within the party as well. (think about Marketing department person in an organization being appointed as finance head)

    I like the way Mr. Tayyib Jan has portrayed the current political scene, which I’ll quote again and which really is a point to ponder for all of us with 80% literacy rate.

    “Although I am not so much into politics and I don’t really like it in its current form of practice but I like people who are forthcoming and have a thirst for development”.

    May God bless our people, our area, our country and the whole humanity. (Ameen)


  14. Welcome great Mr.Hajit Muhammad.

    Mr.Hajit Muhammad is a great leader of Hunza.he is the only young polication in Hunza .He has the potential to solve the problem of our area.We’ll appreciate if PPP gives party ticket to Hajat Muhammad.
    Best wishes to Hajat Muhammed.

    Nisar Posh

  15. I am sorry to say Hajat can’t even win the elections to the union council as the way things are at present scenario in Hunza.

    He always over estimated himself and should remember how badly even his closest relatives and people of Gojal rejected him in last elections mainly for his corrupt reputation when he was member of the district council. People know his reputation very well.

    After giving few emotional speeches at the dry port issue he thinks people of Hunza will vote for him. He is misled and he is going for political suicide for himself and for the party as well.

    We’ll not be surprised if Ghazanfar agents have bought him to get the party ticket like shahbaz did last time so that they can easily win the elections when the votes are divided between this kind of political jugglers. He was the main player for the success and the corrupt practices of shahabaz in last five years. PPP will be eliminated if hajat gets the party ticket and hajat will go with this last failure in his own hands for himself and the party.

  16. This is nice to know Mr.Hajjat is going to be the candiate pressing himself to get through the election process.

    Its not right,, First i put a question to you people to judge him and ask him simple question? what about the conflicts and fights he created between Morkhoun-Gallapan (for his corrupted Master minding) and ask him to tell the public in giving the bad name and imiage to Morkhoun (where Politics of Gojal starts from)

    This is not a question of creating fights and bad name to all of Morkhoun he lacks alot more.He left Jamal Abad and moved to Gilgit for good becouse he dont have piece of land left for him at Jamal abad,and he only owns a plot only for his House.Now hes back in jamalabad started living here again.

    we all know Hajjat Mohd since his childhood….

    Ask Hajjat who gve you the votes and make you win you through your Last election when you were appointed to Districtt Council Chairman from Gojal,Its we The Morkhoun Village who gave you the our full supports,Since than how many times did you win ever???

    Now where does Hajjat Mohd Stand No where>>>????for your info this doesnt mean ppp is goverments so he can win its your Mistakes

    Hajjat has to get the first vote from his homeland Jamalabad than ask the Rumis the poshes and the karims to give you votes Than he has to come to Morkhoun tell him Whose going to vote for you in Moorkhoun where,as instead of creating some good enviroments at every steps and at everytimes Hajjat has always pushed to create problems for Morkhoun village.So you dont deserve a vote for yourself you rahter require a big wake on your Face.

    There is not single vote going to be given to Hajjat becouse hes well ware about the single sister in morkhoun wont vote becouse you did your best to create the big fight between Gallapan a small native village with Morkhoun now shes not going to vote for you all becouse the fight was shown on GEO news at that time and we must not forget for the reason behind the all fights planned by the corrupt mind of Hajjat Mohd has not given any respect to the all region but un necessarily fights he planned for his own goals and objectives

    Every single Morkhounicks hate him for his bad Imiage

    We the People of Morkhoun has given Hajat Mohd full support in the Past but not any more,,Hajjat Has become all Mental Case in our region,I live everything in hands of the Public for Judging him and for God sack he put Hunza on the Geo for blaming Morkhoun and involving him to the fights at all time.

    We stand as Hunza and Represent our Hunza at large

    I would suggest the all Youth and the public to make the right decison in casting your valueable votes.

    Please think again before you cast your vote to any one,ie whose going to be the best suitable person who can handle situtaions and problems rather than who creates problems for the Region and who puts the bad name and imiage through his bad corrupted mind.

    Wish all my People and the youth to find the right person to vote rather than choosing this kind of “Mental Case” God Knows what more bad things he will do to the local public…………..

    We request Hajat to Ask question from yourself what have done for yourself and what are you going to do for the public for Jamalabad ,Morkhoun and for Gallapan after you win this Election?????????????????????????????????????????


    Morkhoun Village (Hunza)

    1. i would really want to know who was this this guy and if u have put name and e.mail address in the site.then i will answer all of your questions my friend.If you still read this and put your name and e.mail so then i can get back to you.

  17. Well, I do appreciate his efforts for the successes of Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig in the elections. I ask from the self proclaimed practical leader

    Q-1 what major work nazir sabir and wazir baig have done i.e. road, school, bridge health unit or any socio economic interventions by them for the community of Upper Hunza

    Q-2 Do Mr.Hajat has the capacity/qualities to fight against the potential threats, or to fight for the political rights of upper hunza.

    The people of Upper Hunza need a true leader despite of his affiliation with any party, since the modified political and administrative setup in GB, we will face many administrative, and job related issues. So we need a leader who has the qualities and abilities to protect the rights of the people of Hunza-Gojal especially the people of upper Hunza. The party ticket may be your right, but leading the community is not …

  18. Well said Mr. Arshad “The party ticket may be your right, but leading the community is not”

    just like ZORDARI

    The chairmanship of his party may be his right, but not the presidency

  19. I congratulate you on your new assignment in the party as General Secretary of Hunza- Nagar by the Central Executive Committee,

    I do not believe in the parties who claim to be democratic where there is no democracy in itself. This makes me so much frustrated. In this way the real workers like Hajat Bhai, who spoil themselves by giving everything to the cause of the party and in return get nothing. The Central leadership weigh the candidates in terms of their financial weight, which has become the real criterion for leadership. In my opinion Hajat Bhai may only lack the weight of wealth otherwise he is all right as far as his services to the party and education is concerned.

    It is really my dream that the people of Gojal where a wast majority of the voters are young and educated are able to change this trend and value our leadership in terms of honesty, visionary, and having a thirst for real development instead of only being a wealthy person.

    Can we do it?????????????????………….I think we can!!!!!

  20. Dear Ask Yourself

    Think beyound Moorkhun–Ghalapan issue.I think Hajat was the man who brought political awarness in Gojal.if you have any personal differences so please don’t involve all Moorkhunics.
    if you have potential/courge then come forward.

  21. well!
    i think v need a more dynamic and educated leader now. as far as these political parties are concerned, they dn follow the principles of dmocracy themselves. watelse can v expect from them……….

  22. I respect the opinion of my brother from Moorkhun, it is not good to bring personal matters here , I know how much you personally hate Hajat Muhammad and I know the reason as well so please don’t bring all Moorkhunics here, because I know the reality. Can you ask a single Moorkhunic, if someone likes Mr abuzar Ali or Mirza hussan the so called political leaders from Moorkhun? the answer will be no one, same is for Hajat
    I will appreciate if you bring the corruption allegation links to Hajat then people will trust you and will decide themselves You also mentioned that Moorkhun is center of politics and leaders, agree!!! But how? Is it without Jamalabad, Gircha, Galpan or Sarteez. NO my dear NO.
    The leader from your village can not even arrange a labor pass for themselves in Sostdry port so how we expect regional leadership from them; this is reality because all you’re elected political members since 1995 till todate are truck drivers Rahmat, DOBEE and KACHRA (sorry I don’t know even their exact names), what it is reflecting? You don’t have educated persons or what. Currently you don’t have a single educated person in government sector. Therefore you have to accept the realty that without support of other adjoined villages’ moorkhun alone can’t live or develop. In Hunza People calling us Moorkhunic whether you are from Jamalabad, Gircha or Galapan or Sartiz why because we all are from one family (Bobi sufi). Now if you separating yourself then we will not stop you.
    Your allegation is that Hajat was the master mind of Galpan, Moorkhun case, I will disagree with you, the reason because I am the eyewitness of this case and I know that where this plan was designed and how many meetings were conducted in Marcopolo hotel and karimabad and what was the agenda. The homework of that case was well prepared and all these bechoraz(Abuzar/Hajat) were used and blamed. there were people from both villages behind the scene.(chapter is closed now so better not to discuss it)
    We need leader like Hajat and Abuzar because they have experience and links and I know they can work for us; yarr 100 darja behthar hay na Shebaz say…..
    You used “Mental Case” please look at yourself , now a days your situation worse then him.
    Well wisher of Avgarch

  23. I as a young worker am a witness to hundreds of people strictly advising both not to take Hajat along beyond Sost and especially to Chupursan Valley. They even threatened at one point if they saw Hajat next time in their caravan they would refuse to meet the Candidate. So that shows the worth of this self claimed great politician from Moorkhon! We remember him of doing some fuelling in his speeches and mostly derogatory against his opponents bringing his inner anger out at a rally. Sadly he would never mature to come up to the status of even a local larder even in his second birth what to talk of a regional level leader. Nearly 95% voters of Nazir sabir and 98% of Wazir Baig who were the most active in the electioneering campaign of both candidates are still healthy and a witness as to how much contribution Hajat put behind their success.

    Unfortunately this guy never gets tired of self praise and the thirst for praise is evident from his every single appearance in public. He is blamed for corruption as the member of the district council which he never even bothered to clarify in public. He is the mastermind of the many conflicts amongst the many villages around the region. Mr. Hajat you are gone case!!

    As far the services of both the elected reps of Hunza their services are evident except those who would always remain blind for ever. I would like to mention just a single but an everlasting service of Nazir Sabir. The crown he has on his hat can’t be taken away for getting the space for Wakhi language from the then minister for Information Mr. Khalid Kharel. Veterans at radio Pakistan like Ahmed Jami and our other learnt personal are a witness to it and the original documents are still a safe witness. We should not be thankless to our leaders otherwise we’ll not be forgiven by history. Nazir sabir has enough on his tall list of things but Hunza people would always remain thankful to him for having taken away the public mandate as a commoner for the first time from the so called ruling family in the history. We didn’t expect anything more from him and all what he achieved in his five years is too long to make his enemies more jealous and that all is just a bonus for the suppressed people of Hunza down the history. Stop being jealous of those who are luckier than most and learn to be proud of your own leaders.

  24. Well don Hajat these is your time and to show your progress in the reagion. that’s true we given a chance to Mir.wazir and Nazir.I think you have a quility to enter change your felling with the coumminty and you know the problem in upper hunza gojal area. still we have no basic needs (electric, drinking water, education etc but i don’t want to be identify other issue.eveyone have a sence and thay are observing.

    Hajat the party ticket is your right and best of luck

  25. I suggest him to surrender and help Wazir beg to screw Mir and his Gand agaisnt peoples party.
    i hope he is a mature politician and he will reaqlise his position and will support PPP candidate or else he will lose his secretaryship too:)

  26. Dear readers,

    may be not all of Gojalies aware of Hajat but we knew him in the past and also we are fully aware of his paresent.. and what will his future..??????
    by the way Mr Hajat is not playing positive Role for the peoples,
    as above the reader has describe he can only spoke but are unable to to any thing… no one is ready from Gojal 2 to support due to his moral characteristic among their people so Mr now your chapter is close..


  27. yar q lar rahay hoo.. moorkhun or jamalbad ek he tooo hay ………..sab bhai bhi hay .. sab chooro app log ek kam karoo .. waheed murad naya leader hay iss ko try kar dekhtay hay .. sach kahoo he is the best ….vote karoo sirf kitab ko…….ek ek he vote karna ziyada karoo gay to fake hoo jahein ga .. per tapa book pah he lagana ….jab tak soraj chand rahay ga gojal ka he naam rahay ga ;)………..bhai mast hoo k vote karna … souch samaj k … tens mat lena …ek cheez waheed murad is the leader of 21th century….naye talent hay dostoon….dostoon dur dur k saat chalna partah hay nah…..naye softwar hay ,,.,,, qasam say fresh mind…..

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