[Breaking News] GBDA announces boycott of elections in 4 constituencies

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Gilgit, November 6: Gilgit – Baltistan Democratic Alliance has announced the boycott of general elections of GBLA from four constituencies.

Today in a press conference at Gilgit Press Club the top leader ship of GBDA informed the journalists that GBDA would not be participating in the coming Gilgit-Baltistan LegeslativeAssembly election from four constituencies including GBLA-1, GBLA-2, GBLA-3, GBLA-4.  Candidates of GBDA from these constituencies were Shahid Hussain (LA – 1), Advocate Omer Farooq (LA – 2), Afsar Jan (LA – 3) and Advocate Mumtaz Nagri (LA – 4).

General secretary GBDA Burhanullah told the media that GBDA has taken this step after seeing the ground realities in Gilgit. The governament is contineously harrasing and sending leagal

notices to the GBDA candidates, he told the media. GBDA was not allowed to celebrate Jashn-e-

Azadi Gilgit in Ghari bagh Gilgit, as GBDA and nationalists had been celebrating this day at this historical place since 1980’s.


The press was told that Advocate Omer Farooq received a letter in which he wa threatened to be charged according to the Constitution of pakistan, in GBAL-1 Gilgit-1. They also told the press that elections are being contested on sectarian basis in Gilgit city as all candidates were backed by Masjid committees.

They blamed the Gilgit – Baltistan Election comissioner and other governamant machinary for keeping mum over violation of election rules and ethical codes. GBDA’s top leadership, Col(r) Mirza NAdir Hassan Khan and Col(r) Mirza Wajahat Hassan Khan, sons of the hero of freedom of Gilgit Col Mirza Hssan Khan, were deported from Gilgit, which is a deniable act, they said. All other federal parties are allowed to run their election compaign but the real regional parties are arresated and deported, the said.

They also expressed distrust in the election commission and said that the elections are engineered and results already known. They termed the election bogus and irrelevant, announcing boycott in the said constituencies.

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  1. when communism and nationalism get enmeshed, such complaints are routine. MQM is coming to engulf you, comrades! GBDA is in the jaws of amalgamists. Rise before you are told to surrender.
    Nazaraz Comrade

  2. I am sure the candidates of GBDA stand no chance in these elections. Boycotting the elections would bring them some much needed publicity.
    How can the nationalist expect to mount a challenge to the existing parties when the people of GB refuse to look beyond the funfair of the election time, are not serious about their political future and are impressed by the bullying tactics of mqm.

    1. What did u get in elections? a puppet government. What kind of province is Gilgit- Baltistan ? without any senate seat and national assembly representation. We have been fooled by Pakistan for more then half a century and still we don’t under stand what do we need. I fully support nationalist parties for their brave and strong stand towards this fraud as always. We hold Pakistani government accountable for our people’s long misery and cruelties from the shameless government.

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