[Pictory] Nazir Sabir in Canada

by Sher Zaman

For more information click the link above.

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  1. Wow!!! nice to see that…. such a small world….. congratulations to our hero Nazir Sabir sahib for all his achievements.


  2. Gilgit baltistan is proud to have celebrity like Nazir Sabir, he is Ambassador of GB, around the globe there is not good image of Pakistan he is only Flash of hope to speak about peaceful GB on such platforms to tell the world how much peace loving people we are, we would love to see you as 1st GOVERNOR of GB.

  3. Many people who get to know these little news here and there of what incredible things Nazir Sabir is quietly doing on his own for his people for his country would never be able to even comprehend of the actual service he as an outstanding Pakistani is when he performs in front of over 500 people who love mountains and are into outdoors.

    I was attending his lecture at VIMFF in 2002 in front of over a thousand people and again this time in Vancouver and both times I coudn’t control my tears when I see him leaping to the summit of Everest with his people from Hunza the whole of Pakistan on his mind and how proud he was to have been born in the lap of Karakoram that he often calls ” The Higher Heavens”.

    I was not emotionally charged when I shed few tears while I was hearing him speak from the stage as a born Pakistani but it was my personal gratitude for this single man’s sheer determination to come this far who was behind my feelings who traveled from a tiny village to bring the name of his wonderful people in Hunza Valley often called Shangri La, but he brought great pride for over 180000000 people of Pakistan by stepping up atop roof of the world on a fine morning and how humble he was in the way he placed his greatest mountaineering successes. As a mountain enthusiast I have attended dozens of talks by other climbers including the one by the President of the American Alpine Club Mr. Steve 30 min after Nazir but I find Nazir much more natural and he has the romantic and spiritual touch that I have never found in any other person really touches my own soul so deeply. He is proud of everyone who doesn’t even read anything about him and know what he is doing for his common people by promoting an “often invisible beautiful face of his home land” all over the world. We salute his mother for giving birth to this most splendid man amongst us.

    God bless you with many more successes Nazir Sabir the hero of my homeland Pakistan, the land of GBLA and Hunza!
    God Bless Pakistan!!

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