[Breaking News] Female governor for Gilgit – Baltistan: President Zardari

PT Report

Islamabad, December 27: President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, has announced moments ago that “a sister of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto from Gilgit – Baltistan” would be appointed governor of the region.

He was addressing a gathering in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh on the occasion of the second death anniversary of Shaheed Benaizr Bhutto.

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  1. Its still just an announcement. Sher Jahan is a good candidate but governor is not selected yet.

    1. Zardari said he is not competent enough to b governor. He said PPP can not afford to put mountaineers on such a high place

  2. mr.sher jehan mir would have been in better position to serve GB. he got great experience. he has working experience with all the stake holders in GB. president should review his decision.

  3. Sorry Rehmat, but you should look for a suitable famale now. All others who remained through the blog discussion are out of the scene with the presidents speech today….

  4. there are chances that zardari will elect SANUM BUTTO as governor of GB, if he do so then we can say that its not fair, on the other hand if he elect any other lady, (who belongs 2 GB)then there should be no doubt bcoz we want local governor either male or female.

    1. I dont think so, Sanam Bhutto refused to become the chairperson of PPP after Benazir’s murder, how could she accept this one

  5. What the … is he talking about? Don’t we have capable male leadership in GB. I am not a misogynist but my concern is that a female governor would be a paper tiger, who can be easily coerced to take decisions with which the people of GB may not agree. It is ok that we must promote our female half of the population but i don’t reckon that a women would be capable to engage in the battle of our rights from our Islamabad based usurpers..

  6. Zardari is the top slot traitor, unfaithful and extremely unreliable person of the world,,,,,no one should believe him,,,he has nothing to do with the country or betterment of the country, he got his own stereotype objectives,,,

  7. Hey guys, lets start think seriously ,because governorship isn,t a hindrance for the people of so called gilgit -baltistan..the greatest problem is sectarian divide, if we the inhabitants of gilgit baltistan over come this catastrophe our paradise ,will became a mini Dubai..

  8. Thanks to the President of Pakistan, this will be a History for GB and to our Great Country. We have the acceptibility and the Islamic History recalls our past that, the Great rulers always assinned/preached for the women folk of the Society.

    We, all wellcome and strongly appriciate the idea of the President of Pakistan. With a very humble request SHE should be from GB.

  9. i don’t understand why everybody is complaining so much?whatelse did you expect from beloved zardari and ppp govt?people shouldn’t act so shocked.this is totally in character with the present governments history of flip flops.

  10. its crap! a couples of days back there were news of Mir jan sab governorship and his protocol in federal capital! its another thought of mr,zaradari! which shows the double standard trick,which he has been the champion! so please stop believing his statements .
    i all time and support Mr.Nazir sabir as governor of Giglit-Baltistan! since he is the right person for this position!!
    the problems of a female governor hs explained by Haki bai ,so we need to understand the circumstances and appear in conditions which is in our interest and favor.otherwise we have been cheated alot

  11. I am for Nazir sabir for his national and International standing and outlook. He can make a difference in the area of peace, tourism, and environment and have the muscle to attract investment in mineral resources as well in comparison to any others on the list of aspirants. Others will be just consumed in local politics and be happy drawing a salary. Nazir Sabir wouldn’t even claim a salary if it comes to that as is his past a witness. Can anyone match those qualities!! Let’s not be biased for the sake of it.

    If for any reason a female is required then my vote goes to Ms. Lakhani, Shehnaz Wazir Ali or Sherry Rehman as there is hardly any lady with suitable stature for the job.

  12. we dont have any female in GB who can lead us. the area is very sensitive and we need administrator who solve the problems. may be in future we will have female governor. Actuallly zardari wants to nominate governor from down country. thats why he said and that is not a good sign.

  13. this is too funny now! whichever male was hoping to be the governor, should think again twice since our president has destined a lady to be the governor. so if a male does become the governor, the publc would presume that hes not really a male, but a female hahaha … well done mr. zardari!!

  14. @Ali Alhakim

    Respected Sir,

    Women are equal to men it is a traditional concept that u r saying.! The world went ahead we should realize

  15. The decision will be highly appreciated. Surely, Sher Jahan Mir was doing a media compaign in order to influence the decision. It really astonished me that Sher Jahan Mir got more than 300 votes on PT poll within few days. It shows that he was following media and spending money for his projection.

    Mr Sher is also at top list in secterian issues in GB. So as a controvercial personality he should not be considered on such slots.

    1. ur comment is very non sensical and u tried to create sectarian issues in the blog.i would say mr sher jehan mir is the most deserving person thats y he got more than 300 votes in the poll.he is blaming him because might b his favourite candidate failed to get that much endorsement from the was a fair poll which indicates true feelings of mir,s name was continously flashed on more then seven television channels for 48 hours and till now non of the government official denied the news of his is a common sense that whether a person spent that much money for a media war…it means u r blaming media for spreading yellow journalism

  16. –Very strange to listen, there is no female to own the Governer Ship of Gilgit -Baltistan. Dear colleaques!!!! is it our understanding that, there is no lady from GB-I personall disagree with my respectable brothers.

    —-just for rememberence few of the name I am endorsing for the position as based on my observation and mostly remaing in the background of GB and whom I know.

    —-Mrs. Nusrat Nasb, Mrs.Nabat Karim, Mrs. Hakima Sultana, Mrs. safida Begeem, Mrs.Aziza Sultana, Mrs. Khudeja Azhar,
    Mrs.Yasmin Farman, Mrs.Yasimin, these are the names whom I know. This is the list only from Gojal if u people know any one from ur areas and villages & twons-suggest their names.

    For God sake-don’t be so depressed that we didn’t have potential female candidate for the Governer of GB. Living in the twenty first century and not trusting on the female of our area is again a stink mark on our mind.

    Our mothers and sisters are more capable then us-just giving them chance is now obligation of every educated person of GB. If they are capable working internationally-with the reknown institutions of the world, if they are becoming commercial pilots-if they are capable to work in the army-what is very special with the Governership of GB.

    —My suggestion for the educated ladies of GB, to form a plat form and start the thinking process for the women folk of GB.

    No more only QURUUT and MOULEDA we have to make specific for the feminin-It is now our duty to appriciate their capability and potential what they have and encourage them to join us and work with us soulder to shoulder.

    This is my thinking and idea if harted any one sorry! for that–

    1. Dear Tojik

      with due respect you should come out of the shell- Gojal…. There are many female from Gilgit Baltistan-having greater capacity of governership…. There must be female from Diamar, Astor, Baltistan, Ghizar, Gilgit and Hunza.
      The names you have mentioned are only from Gojal and do not poss any political capacity… All of these have never participated in political process nor have casted their votes rather they all are working for various NGOs- Scondly how much most of these all acceptable to the local leadership of PPP- We must have a governer with political background…..secondly governer is representative of federation and it is not binding that he/she should be from the area… can be any Pakistani….

      We should now started encouraging those female who devote their time and knowledge for politics not those who are working NGOs……

  17. In my previous comments, I have been saying that under the present constitution of Pakistan, governor of any province is the representative of Federal Govt. It is the prerogative of the president to appoint governor. The only thing we must do is to express our opinions about it. Hopefully, the president will select a highly educated and experienced person whether male or female. We must not be maleschovenist to oppose and underestimate the capabilities of women. Gender equality is being emphasised all over the world. Appointment of female governbor will improve the image of Pakistan in general and that of Gilgit-Baltistan in particular.

  18. Those who r arguing that Mr.Sher Jahan Mir is responsible for sectarian clashes,could plz tell me that Mr. Asad Zaidi (Late deputy Speaker) was the first to introduce this concept.Why you people were silent when he was electing as deputy Speaker.Same is the case with Fida Nashaad,Malik Miskeen,Ghulam Haider,Raziuddin,Himayatullah and many others-Who were the product of Shia-Sunni Conflict.The main reason for objection agianst Sher Jahan Mir is that-He is a Sunni and nothing else.I think if the Chief minister is Shia Than Governer must be a Sunni and Speaker-an Ismaili and Deputy Speaker-a member belonging to Noor Bakhshi Community.It must be observed to create communal hormony.

    1. @Sher Zaman

      You talk of hormony on on ehand and divide us into sects on other ,.And your introduction of Lebonan style or Iraq style of government seems very dangerous.Because how can justifiy the positions who will be who.Each sect will demand the most powerful position.See the merit and bring non corrupt and loyal people rather labelling them,We are Muslims thats enough we accept no division ,

      Long live GB Province

  19. @ Shabir Shah:

    two things to do :

    1. read Mr. Tajik’s comment carefully
    2. Define Politics

  20. [navy]Believe it or not–But Lebnon style of Government is the ultimate solution of this region.Do you know that in Current Council,The CM is from Baltistan,and all others Speaker and Deputy Speaker are from Gilgit but What about Dardistan (Diamer and Astore)?So a formula must be adopted to resolve this issue.If you people are advocating Nazir Sabir and Afzal Shigri,It is not acceptable for the rest at the moment because we expect the balance of power nad nothing else.

    1. Dear sher Zaman Sahb,youwere talking of secterian identification yesterday now you are talking of dividing on Dardistan and Baltistan etc,whats it,Cant be we just people of one province or region,respecting merit and women representation along males rather dividing ourselves village by village and street by street.

  21. Lets not burn our blood. It has been decided by Mr. Zardari to appoint a nearest and dearest female surly not from GB.
    I am very surprised to see the dead reaction of the cabinet over his decision as very recently it was agreed to have a governor appointed from the same province or area.
    Who ever is imposed, I pray to almighty to give her the strength of loyalty, honesty,dedication and enthusiasm to be effective for the betterment of the left behind region THE GILGIT BALTISTAN.

  22. lets wait untill further orders—may b a male Governor and a female dupty Governor is on the cards–

  23. ROMOOZI MUMLOOKATI KHAISH KHUSRAWAN DANAND, the rulers better know how to rule, we are happy to see that people are getting awareness about politics, political affairs and interest of our area, GB. We need an educated, qualified, dedicated and visionary governor for GB nominated from GB. Gender, places and creed etc. should not be an issue.

  24. refers to the comments at No. 35 by Mr.Shah Zaman. The author seems to have forgotten two districts of Ghizer and Gancey while distributing political slots

  25. Shireen Fatima, Member GBLA, The Governor of GB, unofficial but very reliable source. By the way she does not qualify to the governor, by Law. lets hope and see what happens

  26. i would love to comment on each of the 41 comments above but yeah i am not going to, instead i’ll let you know why Sher Jahan Mir’s nomination was cancelled.

    Because he couldnt keep his cool. He was over joyed. He did receive a call from Islamabad telling him that he is selected for the governorship, and he leaked this news a bit too quickly. An impressive arsenal of modern weapons has been the ZEENAT of Mir’s family, which came to his use that night. While Shia’ brothers were lofting black flags above their homes mourning the Muharram, Mr Mir’s family thundered the city with aerial firing with rejoice, which did confuse quite a few people. The people of his thought in Kashrot opened aerial firing celebrating Mir’s appointment as governer, which compelled the Shias of Nagral and Khomer to exhibit their weapons too. The Next day, Mir Jahan’s nephews distributed over 100 KG’s of LADDU in K.I.U, completely …ignoring ….. the Hussainia feelings. The news immediately reached Islamabad, a shia majority islamabad that is, which cancelled Sher Jahan Mir’s appointment.


  27. Mr. Zafar has an assumption, may be true, but there are many other reasons why this has happened. some say MI did not clearify Mir’ name and many other assumtions are all around.
    “After meeting zardair, the CM mehdi shah, having Kashmiri Origin, declared that he has asked Mr president to nominate Mir Jahn, again having Kashmiiri origin. This was communicated to MIR sahib at around 2:00 AM by Baltistan PPP leadership and he was asked to be in Islamabad, he was here to meet some Fed minister the next day”. K2 states
    As per my personal opinion two major forces were behind his nomination, Kashmiri leadership and Mr. Fazul Rehman. Kashmiri leadership because they do not want any significant out put from the current set up, i doubt now if CM could do any thing significant after knowing that he has kashmiri origin. Mr. Fazul Rehman, on demand of Local JUI, has put his pressure on zardari. As we have seen local JUI supporters strongly favouring Mir Sahib.

  28. In GB everybody has an origion .Defining PUSHTANI its much confusing,how can you do it.Because in history every person came from soemwhere.

  29. we are have our goals and we have human power to take the seat of governer male or female but we must give the seat for that person who represent GB in pakistan as well as in world to get attantion on our problems politically economically socially . he must belong to the land of GB

  30. i am very sorry to say that after going through all above comments, i just could smell a strong scent of hatrence and leg puling aganst each others.i thing these comments are from so called cream of our socity i.e YOUTH.dear brothers we have got this rare chance to select a person with mutual please dont loose it in your personal graduges.
    In my opinion ,frist of all we should consider few points
    ….are we happy with the right s we have been bestowed?
    ……Do we thing that this Gilt Bln story is not a pupet show?
    ……Are we given the same status as others? If you find answers to my these questions .Plz plz be unite and give some sensable suggestion.

  31. na samjo ga to it jao ga ,
    Tmhary dastan tk b na ho gee dastanoo ma. Take care before going to comments……if we loose this oppertunity we wll never stand for our rights as a qaoooooooooooooom.؛
    By zil e ilahee.frm KSA.

  32. Dear all,

    The time is lapsing day by day and appointment of a governor in Gilgit-Baltistan is complicating. It should not be confused with who should be the governer? the criteria is given in the presidetial order and accordingly the GBLA should be empowered to decide on the mattaer and names should be forwarded to the President for approval, since both are representing the state organs.
    However, the proposed persons should have due qualification of being respectful towards the pluralistic nature of community living in GB and should have fair aidea about all the ethnic groups and geographical status and challenges of the Region. Let us unite towards achieveing our ultimate goal of an “Autonomous Region for GB” or being the number five province in the overall constitutional ambit of the country–Pakistan.

  33. hi
    there is no value of public opinion.there is interest is foe and interest is friend.selection would be based on zer dary’s interst.
    My suggestion is
    First of all pakistan properly accept us as province.they ensured us about our provincial riights. Then we wll think about governor.

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