Gilgit – Baltistan united for helping the displaced people of Attabad

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by Noor

Islamabd, January 8: The Attabad disaster has united people belonging to all schools of thougts in Gilgit – Baltistan. Teams of Imamia Boys Scouts, including doctors, have reached Hunza to offer relief services to the people affected by teh worst human tragedy of Hunza’s history.

Razi Udin Rizvi and MLA Didar Ali have sent relief goods to Hunza to express solidarity as well as to provide relief to the families displaced by the natural disaster.

Similarly, different organizations and leaders of Jamat Ahl – e – Sunnat have also expressed shock over the disaster and expressed solidarity with people of Hunza. Maulana Atta Ullah Shahab, in a press statement, asked the government to leave no stone unturned for providing relief to the people.  

People from across Gilgit – Baltistan have approached Pamir Times to express solidarity and to contribute in material terms in rehabilitation of the displaced people. They have been directed to approach the relevant organizations for sharing their contributions.

Balawaristan National Front, a nationalist political party, has established a camp in Gilgit city to collect relief material for the affected people.

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