[Pictory] Relief work in progress at Attabad – Hunza

Map of the area directly and indirectly affected by the landslide

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, Jan 8: The hope for survival of six persons trapped under the debris of landslide faded as search operation was closed on Friday.

Geologists and experts from the Focus Humanitarian and Wapda have visited the affected area to find ways for release of water as the Hunza River has been blocked.

Talking to Dawn, an expert said that the water level of the 5km lake was increasing by about 4 feet in 24 hours. He said the water was 50-55 feet below the lower parts of Ayeenabad settlement in Gojal and it could inundate about nine houses in five to six days. He said the water could also submerge the Karakoram Highway (KKH) at different locations.

Similarly, search and rescue operation at the disaster site has been halted after failing to recover the bodies of six missing persons. According to the information cell in Altit, the names of the missing persons are: Essa Khan, 75; Ghulam Madi, 55; Shamim Bano, 45; Abbas Ali, 38; and Faizan Karim, 7.

Those whose bodies were recovered on the first day are: Nine-month-old Faisal; Shehzadi, 7; Saleem Khan, 10; Iram Bano, 10; Alhan Karim, 12; Wasim Khan, 12; Sultan Karim, 13; Sultana Bano, 16; Salma Bano, 17; Sheri Bano, 21; Shahina Parveen, 21; Sulaimani, 49; Niyat Begum, 65; and Essa Khan, 75.

Meanwhile, public representatives and top officials of Gilgit-Baltistan visited relief camps established for the affected families at Altit. Experts also visited the disaster site and assessed the lake formed upstream of the landslide site on Hunza River.

“It will take about three weeks to release water from the lake forming on Hunza River due to the massive land movements in Atabad village,” said Babar Yaqub, chief secretary Gilgit-Baltistan, during visit to the relief camps.

Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) Wazir Baig, Member GBLA Yasmeen Nazar, renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir were also present on the occasion.

He said that engineers of Wapda, army and National Highway Authority were jointly devising strategies in this regards. “Our top priority is to save the expected losses due to the blockade of river in Gojal or due to the sudden break in low lying areas,” he added.

The chief secretary said the federal government had instructed them to provide food and other basic items through the Utility Stores outlets at Gulmit and Sost in Gojal tehsil.

Member National Assembly Marvi Memon, Member GBLA Mirza Hussain also visited the disaster-hit area and relief camps. [DAWN]

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  1. Thank you PT and Ali Tahmat Musofir for all these up dates regarding the life-situations of the community of Ata Abad and other affected villages in the vicinity. I salute all the individuals, Communties, Parties, Civil scociety organizations (CSOs), of G&B of the country and international whom are extending their hands and hearts, both, to help and sympathyse these people worstly affected by the mountain-slide of 4/1/2KX.

  2. Well done Marvi for visiting the victimized people. Also appreciation goes to Altikiutz for their generousty and support

  3. It looks like that only Marvi Memon from Pakistan has heard about this incident and tried to show her sympathies with them in this harsh weather..
    I really believe in her committment because whatever she told when visiting Ghulkin last year she reproduced it in the National Assembly but the current government did gave any importance to the Issue.
    we should appreciate her efforts for raising these issues and concerns in the National Assembly
    Sher Khan

  4. really its amazing that Marvi Memon visit the relie camp and shows her sympathies with the victims on the other hand our so called CM is busy with the most corrrupt ppp leaders in karachi ,we all should thanks marvi memon for being with us.

    1. `@meena
      Actually MIr Ghazanfar, Marvi Memon and Whole PML(Q) is Responsible for That incedent,,, In Musharaf Regeme (2001)
      Attaabat (Bala) wax effected by havey crakes and land slideing…
      govt only prvided tants to effeted people and adviced them 2 left that area…
      people of Atta abat several times requested 2 Mir (chief exective)
      and govt but not one was ready 2 listen the voice of poor and help less people Atta Abad…
      After that incedent it is the govt of PPP which launches quick resque opperation with help of hunza people…
      & Prasedent,PM & governor GB Anounced financial Aid To Missing & Enjrd people…
      & Still Director ERRA is there and leading resque workes…
      and within 6 months people of atta abad will be provided altrnate shalter and Agri land…
      we condomn such politicions who are doing politics on dead bodies,,,
      hunza Action Committee and some non belivers (Progressive students) & some natonalist elements are trying to improvng there political graph on Deads bodies of Atta Adad Shaheed,s
      shame, shame, shame,,
      Long Live Hunza…

  5. i m totally agree with meena she is keen observer of the Hunza issues and the wicked politicians. what is hunza action committee who gave the rite to make hunza an isolated kingdom they r actually assembly of failures in every walk of life and they want hunza to handicap. well done wazir baig and his humble efforts towards the settlement of victims. He proved he is gross rooted politician who gives services to people walking by foot rather then those who use snapped vehicles and feel pride.
    well done meena

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