Calamity hit status given to empower poor people of Gojal, Mehdi Shah

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Gilgit, March 19: Gojal has been declared a calamity hit area to help the poor people cope with the economic and other challenges posed by the lake formed as a result of Attabad landslide disaster and not to benefit the rich defaulters. These views were expressed by chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan during an event held at a local hotel today here in Gilgit.

He further said that the decision to declare Gojal valley as calamity hit has been taken recently keeping in view sufferings of the local population and the people should allow the government some time to take necessary actions required for providing more relief to the disaster hit area.

He also said that election to GB council has been completed successfully and formation of cabinet will soon be completed and a fully functional government will be put in place to resolve issues of the local people.

Also present at the occasion were speaker, deputy speaker and members of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly. Deputy commissioners of Hunza – Nagar and Gilgit district were also present among other government officials.

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  1. Well this is a good intention of the CM.
    Normally when an area is declared ‘calamity-hit’ the rationale is based on the assessment of damages done to over 70% of the local economy. In this case there are four priority measures required: 1- immediate and reasonable compensation to the households of Atta-abad-Sarat and Ayeen-sheshkat those who lost land, houses and everything; 2. compensation for the loss of potato income to farmers in Gojal due possible problems in transportation and support to education of their children both in Gojal and outside through provision of educational stipend, fee compensation and interest-free educational loans, as even provision of wheat seed and fertilizer, which is important for basic food security, is not going to cover the financial loss. 3. As the disruption of KKH has crippled the border town economy, special compensation package for the business community in Gojal and those doing border trade with China.
    4. The local economy of Gojal will take to recover 3-5 years. Therefore there is a need to develop a special Gojal Tehsil Livelihood restoration and economic revival programme funded by both the government and development agencies which include supporting agriculture, health, education, small business development and infrastructure development through public-private partnership.

    The local LSOs and youth organizations need to take the lead for revival and rehabilitation of the economy, lobbying with the elected leaders and government through continuously engaging the media, civil society and through rights activism.

    Amin Beg

  2. Has the provincial or the Federal government issued the necessary official notification issued to this effect.

    I doubt that as nothing has been the progress after this announcement by the outgoing governor and repeated by the CM.

    If it has been done, who has been nominated the special relief commissioner as required by the law and what steps have been taken so far.

    Can anybody update us on this?

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