PML (N) planning protest demonstration in Aliabad Hunza

by Ghulam Nasir

Gilgit, April 28: In a high level meeting of the leaders and activists of Pakistan Muslim League (N) it was decided that a protest demonstration and sit- in would be organized in Aliabad Hunza against the inability of the present government to provide relief to the people of Gojal valley and reduce their sufferings.

Participants of the meeting criticized the government for using delaying tactics with regards to development and execution of a recovery package under the calamity – hitstatus.

The meeting was chaired by former member of the NALA and chief organizer of PML (N) Gilgit – Baltistan, Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman. Other participants included Iman Shah, Kalb Ali, Amin Sher, Hyder Tai, Ibrahim Shah, Ali Anwar, Muzaffar Bhaijan, Hussain Contractor and Zakir Hussain.

Failure of the government to appoint a doctor at THQ Gulmit and construct the promised surgical ward and operation theater were also heavily criticized during the meeting.

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  1. This is good sign for the people in GB to protest for their issues through a democratic plateform instead of small forums and groups. and will also lead towards two party system in GB. …weldone Mehdi Shah and Hafeez ur Rehman

  2. whoever stages demonstration, if people feel it compliments and reflects their feeling of disstisfaction about the slow progress of work, they must join them.
    Its almost 4 months, there is incremental damage of physical asstes of small farmers. Gulmit is the 3rd village of disaster hit in the row. It is too bad to see the incompetency of concern organization.

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