[Lesson Learnt] Pamir Times’ videos indirectly referenced by NASA USA

The effectiveness of E – content produced by citizen journalists is manifested best by the indirect referencing of Pamir Times’ videos about the devastation caused by Hunza River lake by a highly distinguished scientific research organization, like NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Three videos posted by Pamir Times were reposted by Professor David Petley on his “Hunza Lake Monitoring Blog”- which in itself is a proof of usefulness of the content, and NASA used those videos as reference material for studying impact of the disaster.

A screenshot of NASA site

Here is a link to Professor Petley’s blog using Pamir Times’ videos (with proper references, as always).

It is a matter of satisfaction that our content is proving to be useful for scientific purposes as well. The significance of E – content produced by citizen journalists for helping academicians and research organization is established by this example, in our opinion.

Learning a lesson from the example, PAMIR TIMES invites the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan, and elsewhere if they are reading the blog,  to start observing and exploring their surroundings and engage in creation of useful E – Content for publishing online.

From our three years long blogging experience we can assure you that internet as as a medium has finished the boundaries of time, space, reach and access.

Well done Team Pamir Times. And a special congratulations to Zulfiqar Ali Khan, our information hero!


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  1. PT- I suppose that NASA should have properly referenced a secondary source, which would point out that Petley used the videos. Is this really worth all the effort you’re putting forward?

  2. i didnt get the point about the lesson learnt . i think information sharing is worth and its also couse of your effort to bring the best and accurate to the rest of the world to know more about over remote area and especially in these situaton it becomes the prime responsibility of your side to be a good blogger to make a real difference rather then rest of pak media.
    thanks and congrats on Marvellous job-

  3. Indeed! Pamir Times and associates are doing a remarkable job as well as inspiring. Hats-off to pamir.

  4. Well done Zulfiqar andNur! an examplery roll for the young generation of Gojal.
    Best, Haider


    The captiomed adage has been, still is, and shall continue in the infinite future as pristinely TRUE in our viable lives as nothing else can be. I wholeheartedly agree with the ongoing claimours, hue and cries, critiques, decries, begging and apologies – continuous since 4 January 2010. I do also sympathize with those, who are suffering squarely and/ or obliquely, sequel to the disaster and especially with ourselves too – that how incapaciated and helpless we are in this modern world. That by just concentrating only on one facet of the solution of the problem – begging succors from innumerous sources and entities. Shouldn’t we here recollect our historical memories, that how our ancestors did cope and manage their affairs in the grueling eras. They have had been rendering their live activities such as farming, gardening and all other domestic works, by utilizing indigenous resources and man made tools. They used goat horns to dig streams, cut canals through mountains for agricultural purposes. The were overturning even knolls, mounds and rocks with a range of man made tools.

    It may be warned that time is almost over for us; it is better that we may get togather even now and start draining the lake water by Conventional means. As in the human history, it is on record that at Certain point of time, knowledge, sciences, technologies, tacticts and strategies have FAILED. This is exactly the same juncture of the moment, where such things have failed. We can not afford to waste further time in waiting for some miracles to happen and for Manu Salveh to shower upon us and the lake would burst out on itself. We have been tried all Avenues and knocked all Mundane Doors, Nothing came out. And nothing would happen miraclelly in the future too. Ayeenabad and Shishket have already submerged and Gulmit is submerging fast. Entire Gojalies are suffering. It is worried that we may prove ourselves to be Frankenstein monster of Gojal.

    Let’s get togather from GB to Chipurson in THOUSANDS and commence removing the debris from the bottom of the lake with our BARE HANDS. I assure you that nothing wrong would happen to us physically, morally and spiritually, if we worked manually. It is safely asserted taht we will get rid of the lake within 02 weeks. Instead we wait for empty assurances from everywhere and nowhere. The vague forecastings and predictions would lead us to cataclysmic consequences, please do not wait act now.

  6. Pamir Times is doing excellent work in sharing the on -ground realities and also putting video clips of landslide etc on it’s blog.

    Dr David Petley of International Landslide Center at University of Durham is also doing a wonderful job of nearly daily monitoring the Hunza Landslide situation based on data from FOCUS and his general landslide blog. He always attributes the videos to Pamir Times.

    Keep up the good work!.

  7. Congratulations Zulfiqar and Pamir Times Team , really we proud of you having such dedicated , sincere and patriotic sentiments that you have for our paradise ,you play a Vitol role that we cannot forget and do exemplary work we appreciated , looking forward that you will continue to make this platform to highlight our issues , our culture , identity ,…
    The people like you can change the fate of nation, show the destiny and awake sleeping nation ,..
    Good luck PT

  8. Congratulation PT.

    But i think Mr.Petley should use name of PT in his references.if NASA is using Petley references.
    Any way nice work Mr.Petley


  9. Congratulation PAMIRZ……..For working for a cause as well as for an informative blog-
    For your dedicative work for our land GOJAL……
    Thumbz Up

  10. At Zulfiqar Ali Khan

    You really deserve this, i too salute you, they way you inform all of us about the reality is really encouraging. i did see your all video and snaps, really good and brave work

    You really follow the saying ” Chase Excellence, Success will follow you “

  11. Zulfi and Nur

    You and your team are doing wonderful job certainly you people deserve the salute of the people of
    GB in general and the people of Hunza in particuler.

    Ali Masud

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