[Photo of the year] Jan-e-Alam’s mystic smile

Jan – e – Alam, also known to his friends as “Janu”, lives in Gulmit, one of the five villages directly hit by the catastrophic lake buildup in Gojal Valley.  In this photograph he can be seen praying for the last time at the sinking grave of his mother.  Jan-e-Alam’s father had passed away several years ago.

Jan-e-Alam is a special person as he can not speak.

The mystic, non – complaining, smile on Jan-e-Alam’s face and his hands raised in prayer, looking towards the heaven, is a soul touching moment captured by a citizen filmmaker and photographer.

Image: Abdul Hameed (Nrew Productions) | Words: Nur

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  1. Jan Alam. I must say here Jan Alam is a special Person but he is equal or far better then us (the normals).

  2. A small act but huge massage, that can move soul, if it still there. He cannot speak but can do act which want, as he is not affriad of the world conventional norms and valuse, he has his own natural and beautiful way of expression.

    No word could match his expression……….

    Is God listening or are we unable to make hims see , what we have lost that we can see and what we cant………

  3. very true.d normals unfortunately r responsible 4 what hs cme as a scourge.they arent that,what they ought to be.from ethical obligations to in@ choosing d right leaders,much has been at worse.May Almighty bless us in reviving ourselves.

  4. what a beautiful picture. Great work by Pamir Times keeping us informed about this issue. You guys deserve an award!

  5. Jan Alam’s mystic smile depicts how much our people are concealing their worries even when they are in deep deep trouble. I salute my people for showing their patience and hope alive even when every thing destroyed. we could have opted the furious and harsh attitude against government and started street crimes due to ignorance, but this was not done. I am proud of our people for using this optimistic approach .

  6. This idlylicc smile reminds me of another person I knew
    who could make you smile.
    Long years ago in Gilgit there was person called Shamshad
    but he was never known by this name except by those
    who knew and liked him
    He was called a “chantu” by the locals
    and much tormented by the children
    who pelted him with stones.
    He couldnt speak and couldnt hear very well but could express himself
    in the most delightful way.
    And I often made him repeat the
    charade about polo which he enacted much to the delight of all those that
    watched him he would also produce sounds of the Doms playing music
    during the match and imitate the actions of the polo players and the roar of the spectators.
    He also imitated other persons of Gilgit. Persons of standing like the Raja of Gilgit or common people who were in some way well known like a famous Faqir in the Gilgit Bazaar who would hold up a tin can and point it aimlessly and frighten passersby including Shamshad

    My daughter never feared him as did the other children and Shamshad even hoisted her on his shoulder and ran round the house.
    Shamshad had adopted a few houses like that of Captain Akber Husain of Gupis and Raja Ali Ahmed Jan of Tashot and of his “Jailor Uncle” the superintendent of the Jail where he
    visited families whom he liked and would make himself useful
    around the household cleaning and sweeping the lawn
    helping around the house running errands in return for food and shelter
    and money but he never asked for anything
    As suddenly as he appeared he would disappear go walkaout
    and visit another house and so on during the year.
    I remember him with fondness.

  7. اپنی جہاں میں چین رہنے نہ دیا تونے
    میری لحد مٹانے کی جلدی بھی بہت تم کو
    واللہ تیرے انصاف پہ رشک آنے لگا ہے

  8. Very heart-touching photo of Janu. May Almighty Allah bless his Mother’s soul in the eternal peace and lessen Janu’s difficulties in this test and trial temporal world. My humble regards and appreciation for all the conerned people of PAMIRTIMES, for updating us around the world about the most disasterous landslide which has affected the lives of the people of Gojal badly.

  9. Jan Alam is far better than our leaders, atleast he feels the panic and pray. Our leaders are feelingless and they cant feel public during this disaster. I salute Mr. Jan Alam, and I say sahme to all those who come in public only during elections and after election their behavior totally change.

  10. Here is what religion is about. Very few can have such beautiful experience of talking to God, and very few people have opportunity to capture such moments. The photographer is beyond every appreciations,,, superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jan Alam is one of us with last option– praying! I know Jan Alam for the past two decades, a silent volunteer of all times in Goz.

  12. great miss rabia enjoy the picture, atleast think before u write , that pic is not in a photo exebition for display, it shows the pain of that family u ppl staying away enjoy these things .
    next mr AKK
    patience is great insteed of saluting ur people cm there and work out the issues , just sitting on ur pc and being proud of ur people doesnt show ur loyality think about those who have sufferd who lost their land and houses cm out u all pple and work out the problms there just cmmenting on cmputer is not the solution

  13. jan-e-alam also prays for the GB and Pak Govenment for there quick response to the disaster. which result the sinking of his Beloved Mothers Grave.

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