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Marvi Memon’s charter of demand for the people of Gojal – Hunza

Press Release What took place on Jan 4 was a natural disaster but what happened for 5 months was criminal negligence since water was allowed to be built in lake which flooded many villages and created water bomb potential downstream. We were promised the debris will be cleared in two...

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Karakoram International University’s pack of blunders

by Waseem Diro During the last few decades the region of Gilgit-Baltistan has witnessed developments in every sphere of life, including education. Establishment of Karakuram International University (KIU) in 2001 provided an opportunity for local people to acquire higher education at their door step. For last nine years KIU has...

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2600 Cusecs of water flowing through spillway

Image Source: PT Report Gilgit, June 3: According to latest information the water flow through spillway has increased to over 2600 Cusecs, as of mid-day June 3. Around 350 Cusecs of water is also seeping through the lake barrier, according to latest measurements made available to the press. The...

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Conflicting figures about water discharge through spillway

PT Report Gilgit, June 3: The data available on water passing through the spillway at Hunza River lake is conflicting and confusing. According to NDMA Chairman the water flow at Ganish Bridge is around 2100 Cusecs. Subtracting water inflow from small torrents and water channels, it can be said based...

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