Boston Globe reprints 38 photos of Pamir Times

The Pakistani national and vernacular media needs to learn from the international press. Several “leading” national media outlets have used our material without giving any credits. Pamir Times is thankful to BOSTON.COM for properly referencing PT content. [Nur]

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  1. That is what ethics in Media and Communication expects.It is something we all should learn because nowadays everyone browses on the internet for data and information, therefore, the source should be referenced.

  2. I feel proud for the commendable work that Pamir Times is doing for media. PT’s reporting is based on ‘facts’, rather than interpretations; no sensational statements either. News items are regularly updated. One can rely and turn towards PT for news updates. Boston Globe’s pick on PT is a good and recent example. Congratulations to the PT team. Keep it up.

    Javed Iqbal Wajdan

  3. this is the way to shed light on the darkness, good job PT and well done, do more to bring the sufferings of people and injustice to world community and let them know, what the hell government is doing in Pakistan.

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