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[PT Election Cell] Candidate Profile – Aziz Ahmed

Aziz Ahmed is an independent candidate for Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, from ward LA – 6, Hunza. His profile and manifesto are being posted for information of the readers. Editor_.

Aziz Ahmed was born in a small village of Gojal called Moorkhoon. After getting the degree of MBA he has worked in various non governmental organizations of international repute, including AKRSP, IUCN, BASIP, FOCUS and British Council. He has worked in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and different parts of Azad Kashmir. He has remained engaged in trade. Currently he is trading

Aziz Ahmed
Aziz Ahmed

precious stones and serving as General Secretary of Northern Areas Gemstones and Mineral Association (NAGMA).


Aziz underlines three major reasons that have kept Hunza valley and Gilgit – Baltistan deprived of development despite of immense natural resources and human potential. In his analysis the major three reasons are:

  • Political leaders too often function without any concrete development agenda, concentrating more on rhetoric than planning and research.
  • Annual Development Funds are used by the political leaders to compensate their election investments, or to benefit their near and dear ones.
  • The leaders are self centered and lack honesty, good will and devotion for the cause of society.

He says that if the developmental funds are truly invested on the society, there’s no reason why the region can’t overcome most of its hurdles.

He promises to devote all his “energies, expertise and experience for development of the society” and he would make Hunza an exemplary place to live in”.

Salient points of his election manifesto are:

1. Obtaining additional seat for Hunza in theGBLA

2. Equal distribution of resources and employment opportunities in the newly established district of Hunza – Nagar

3. To make a society in Hunza that is devoid of racial hatred and regional friction

4. Working for obtaining complete autonomy for Gilgit – Baltistan

5. Using Local support organization for identification of development projects and investing in such projects

6. Exploring and exporting mineral resources of Hunza valley

7. Making Hunza the real hub of Sino – Pak trade, with mutual exchange of goods from both sides

8. Making Sost a model border town with complete facilities for traders and tourists, through reinvestment of money obtained from the Sost Port and Customs

9. Obtaining 50 % quota for Hunza in the Customs and Immigration department at Sost

10. Working for waiving tax for traders of Hunza – Nagar district at Sost port

11. Establishing small hydropower generation plants in different villages to overcome the energy crisis

12. Better international marketing for fruits and vegetables of Hunza

13. Research facilities for schools and colleges

14. Scholarship for exceptional students and financial help for deserving students

15. Upgrading small and large health facilities in the region

16. Infrastructure development for tourism promotion in Hunza valley

17. Sports and recreation opportunities for the youth

18. Recreation opportunities for senior citizens of Hunza

19. Close coordination and partnership with international and national donor agencies for resource generation

20. Creation strong social institutions for sustainable development

Skills development and career counseling for the youth have also been highlighted as priority areas.

Aziz appeals to the people of Hunza valley that they shall vote for him to prove that as a society Hunza values merits of education, experience, vision and expertise, as opposed to race, lineage and language or regional affiliations.

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  1. most welcome Aziz bai, the only qualified and real nominee among all in current roll of candidates. We were expecting you early, but you came so late any ways best of luck. Hunza requires such an efficient and intelligent person to lead them,Aziz bai try your luck in GBLA, if succeeded good ;if not then you must contest in District election.
    all the best

    1. We well come new and energtic condidates so keep it up but aziz bhai u r realy very late you have to prepare yourself for future good luck for now




  3. Dear sir I really appreciate your participation in elections. if not this time, some time in future you will succeed because you have a vision to lead you. i Wish you God speed and i second the idea of javed posh of contesting district elections as well..Good Luck.

  4. Dear Aziz,

    Nice to hear you. I am shure ur home work is complete. This is not matter of success always which counts but, the work and points is assurance for the educated people of SHINAKI, KHUNJUT & GOJAL.

    Further, We want to hear from YOU-The human resource Management or team formation because, if u have a team of people who identifies the problems on every village basis and provide an oppertunity to only set the prioritise with in that scattered ideas will be a complete hit on the main target.

    I am really appriciating the points u highlighted through this media. They are worth to read. But still a bit faraway from the main crux. I know YOU have the potential and YOU can be a person of Change in the seneraio of HUNZA. If the people of Hunza proved that they are educated and they believe on merit.

    One of the main points YOU highlighted to us, is an independent candidate as a few days before highlighted what is the benefits of the political parties-from GB except capturing of the financial and natural resources of GB. We have to devise our own parties whom have root from GB.

    The actual extract has very clearly highlighted by the editor of PT. My special salam to the team of HT &PT and I personally hope they will provide a bridge to fill the gaps as that has been created by some individuals for their own gains and benieits.

    My sweet wishes are with all of them-whom thinks for the people of Hunza out the box-who is above the caste creed, lingual and geographical lines and demarkations.

  5. Aziz is a potential young energetic chap with enlightened views. I can see in him the qualities to lead GB on national level. So, my personal appeal from the people of Hunza:
    vote for Aziz Ahmed.

  6. Best of luck Mr. Aziz

    What the most is needed, that stay and see hoe much people trust you. give a chance to Gojal people to understand you. donot hide yourself behind the Pakstani pland parties. they are not here for you but are here for them self.
    Just give the people a chance you not any party. we ahve them around for many years.

    Bst of luck be your self

  7. this is write step taken by aziz.we need educated ,young,and well known depends on youth to convenience the people to utilities to their precious volts.

  8. Aziz is an enlightened, energetic, educated and down to earth person. He posses excellent leadership qualities.He is the best to represent Hunza at every forum. But his qualities do not chime with the perverted values of society. People of hunza tend to see value in monetary, tribal and linguistic terms. Since Aziz is not approved of these things, the society makes him misfit. It would have been better for him to do little bit homework before running for elections.However, my best wishes are with Aziz.

  9. Good luck, but please dont step down for any party that Arif Hussain did, he came with very dynamic and holistic approach , enforced by people of Hunza and lastly nothing. But this time dont disappoint the educated youth to come forward.

  10. Dear Respected Brother Aziz

    It came as a ” Breaking News” for your election compaign, as i was egarly waiting to see some initiatve from your side towards the betterment of entire Hunza,I here write to Mention a ‘ WARM CONGRATULATIONS AND WISHING YOU THE VERY BEST OF LUCK FOR THIS UPCOMING ELETIONS 2009″

    We were expecting early but your news came later,Any ways who dont know you, you are the person down to earth and you are the most genius person as you remained the TOPPER in Agakhan Education service Board since 8th Class,Along you worked with all the top institutions.

    Here comes the Chance for you to serve the Humanity at Large
    We look forward for your sucess in the upcoming Eletions and pray to Almighty to give you chance to serve Hunza Jamat at Ground levels . No MIRS No PIRS but AZIZ BAHi AZiz BAHI AWE eh AWE!!!

    Yar you made us proud We the Avgerchik son of Baba Sufi are happy for you and we are happy for you in taking the postive step toward your first step for Compaign in HUNZA LA-6 Elections

    Hope With all support from the youth and from all your broad family links with entire Hunza Valley you can move forward,Dont give up

    Prayers are your way…………..Looking for the change in all of Hunza

    With Ya Ali Madad

    KarimDad Sultan

    More Aziz compaign please refer the two sites.Thanks

    1. Yar you made us proud We the Avgerchik son of Baba Sufi are happy for you

      @ KD Sultan

      “The robbing of our plural identities not only reduces us; it impoverishes the world”
      Dear KD
      Dont show ur particulation to apeal vote from all the hunzakuths, It will heart u later…..

  11. Wish you all the best of LUCK Bhai jan we hope that your creative visions and enthusiatic approch will certainly inspire voters in the area. TUNDIA BAAD E MUKHALIF SA NA GHBRA A AUQAAB

  12. Dear Aziz

    girta ha shah sawar maydan eshq ma
    wo tifl kia gira jo gutno ka bal chala

    Rehmat Karim

  13. gud la zu tat..wl support u and best of dont 4get dat u need 2 work on these….its easy 2 mak rules bt hard 2 folow dam.

  14. every political leader promise to do things beeyond public expectations earlier but when they contest or got the destined seat they forgot who is who wat is wat so u cant insure us before doing that rest u r educated that is somthing differnt.

    Anyy hwz wish you gud luck

  15. BEST OF LUCK BHIAAAAA….Vote to dainay say rahay per …dila zaroor saktay hain… woh aap hum per chord dain….

    Hip hip hurray from Saudia …..


  16. You are really the hope of our future, I know you have the qualities of a good leader. I doubt that people of Hunza may not vote for you as they can not come out of their traditional tribal thinking no matter what they claim. and this should not bother you, if you have decided to be in practical politics then you have to go through all these.

    I am sure the people of Gojal, fortunately do not think on these lines and would be voting for you and I am hopeful that in future there are chances that people will come out of their shells (families, tribes and Kuces) and start to think broadly if they want a respectable political future for Hunza.

    I wish you all the best.

    Sher Karim

  17. dear sir
    nice to read ur manifesto ,whethera person is from hunza or gojal we should respect a qualified person like mr aziz ,inshallah ppl will support u i u dont quit frm race ,May Allah succeed u /we proud of educated ppl like u

  18. No doubt Mr. Aziz is an educated and experienced candidate , representing the youth ..His profile and manifesto reflects his approach…it seems that he wants to replicate the development model of AKRSP and other NGOs.. the participatory approach by involving the people in development projects / schemes. Planning and research before and during the implementation of development projects.. This would be a new trend in politics … but unfortunately in politics other factors are more responsible to attract voters..I.e. party affiliations, money, family and tribes affiliations, ethnic differences etc . that’s why the tactics matters during political campaigns… anyhow it will take time but one day the youth will bring change. Best of Luck

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