Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Shishkat and Gulmit back to the stone age!

PT Report

Gulmit, June 27: Power pylons between Gulmit and Hussaini have been caused to submerge in the lake formed on Hunza River, disrupting electricity supply to Shishkat, Gulmit and Ghulkin. People in these villages are living without electricity for the past five days.

The local people have demanded of the government to restore the power supply by erecting the power pylons.

It is pertinent to note here that the local people had voluntarily shifted the power pylons to higher elevations when the lake had started submerging low laying parts of different villages.

The people, however, don’t seem much optimistic about the government’s response. “They have not been able to complete provision of facilities at the region’s only hospital. I don’t think they would be interested in doing anything for us”, a local man told Pamir Times.

Others also doubt the government’s intentions about provision of compensation. “I think everything is lost”, said a senior citizen. “They are not going to give us anything”, he feared.

9 thoughts on “Shishkat and Gulmit back to the stone age!

  1. We are living both in stone and dark age…..

    Stone Age
    No road
    No bridge
    No electricity
    No drinking water
    No health facility

    Dark Age
    No acceptance
    No technology
    No planning

    than what’s difference in 1858 and 2010….?

  2. yes we are now in darkage.very sad to say that our elected leaders have took us in this age due to their bad leadership qualities we all the peoples of Gojal have camed back at this stage.still they are proud of their party,

  3. We all know over egotistical politicians who called themselves leaders, but I don’t think so they are leaders, it’s time to ponder on over spiritual leader farmines ,”work with unity , forget biasness “and exemplify others who is over real leader and what he wants from us. We all ought to think the root cause of over destruction …………………………..

  4. Thank u.

    Mehdi Shah,
    wazir beg
    mutabiat shah
    and Thanks alot

    Mr. zardari.

    we will never forget u////


  6. well done active participant of PPP and our leader we congrgulate you all you all are our heroes.because you have play a main role in submerging our village under water,now we did not want to see you peoples again.shame shame and shame

  7. Dear All,
    I tend to agree with a lot of you that we have somebody to blame for what has happened in our part of the country. I suggest that we should understand that is time to pull our energies together and think of rebuilding what we have lost in the natural disaster. We have already lost a lot we not have enough left to lose. Study the phenomena thoroughly and come on with workable solutions. Use the novice political powers along with what the community institutions have given to us all these years. We have to be wise voices in the communities we serve and avoid aggressive and offensive behaviors. In critical times like the one we are passing through we all need support, help and encouragement let us give that if we can. If we cannot provide solace then let us not add more aggravation to the sufferings of our people.
    Sorry if I offended anybody.
    Tayib Jan

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