Chinese help being sought for draining the dammed Hunza River

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Hunza November 16: A high level group of PLA officials paid a visit to Hunza and Gilgit, during the last week to discuss  different options for restoration of the strategic Karakoram Highway (KKH) blocked since Jan 04 due to the devastating landslide.

According to reliable sources, the officials during this unannounced visit held important meetings with higher-ups in the Pakistan Army and Government officials in Gilgit and also visited the Attabad disaster site.

According to reports, the Chinese Road and Bridge Construction Company-(CRBC) has sought the support of the Chinese Army for the construction of a 30 kilometre realigned road, as well as lowering the barrier of Hunza River lake by 30 meters.

A technical team from the  Chinese Ministry of Transport has also visited the disaster site to assess the situation. Furthermore, it has been learnt from a reliable source that CRBC has estimated the project cost at USD 250-300 million and suggested that the Pakistan Government make a formal request to the Chinese Government for concessional financing.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Government has started transportation of essential fuel items to Sost in order to help the people of the landlocked Gojal Tehsil survive during the harsh winter. According to sources the transported goods included 74 tons of diesel, 15 tons of petrol and 3,000 tons of household coal.

It is worth mentioning here that, the Chinese Government has already provided relief goods to the disaster affected people of Gojal and Attabad. According to reports the Chinese relief goods sent earlier comprised 1850 tons flour, 737 tons rice, 90 ton milk powder, 30 ton salt, 179.6 ton sugar, 180 ton cooking oil, 560 cartons medicines, 79-14 ton diesel and 19.64 ton petrol.

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  1. Without the help of Chinese Army lowering of the lake is not possible. The FWO persons are trying to test their capacities on the people of Hunza. Chinese Government is requested to come forward and save the Pak-China strategic communication lifeline.

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