[Photo Feature] Education for all remains a dream in Gilgit-Baltistan

A group of children preparing packs of Naswar (a powdery drug) at a shop in Gilgit – Baltistan. The  children are highly prone to various health related hazards in this environment, besides being under threat of addiction. The  destruction of  of GB’s future leaders at fast sprouting sweatshops is a serious issue demanding the society’s attention. Photo: Farman Karim

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  1. It is really proudful event and very exciting news for all of GB. two birgediers,one is from Hunza and the another is from Astor promoted to the rank of major general. we have al lot compitent student like above mentioned goneral, i request all GB people to advice your youngones to join army. it is a prestigeous job. now we have only two major future we will have cheif of army staff. i pray all to all our student, may God insure their success and bless them the power of service to the GB people

  2. This is really bad. Child Labor kills childhood and future. Education should be made mandatory. Children working in this condition is not acceptable.

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