“Cash strapped” GB Jiyala government wastes million of rupees on advertisements

It is ironic to note that while the food minister claims to be “busy to ensue provision of subsidized wheat” to GB, the Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Supply Corporation (Pasco) has warned Gilgit-Baltistan government to pay outstanding dues or be ready for another suspension of wheat supply to the region.

Special Report

Islamabad, December 27: When it comes to wastage of public money, the PPP ministers in Gilgit – Baltistan seem to be above all legal and moral standards. At one hand they are crying for lack of funds for rehabilitation of the flood affectees while on the other hand they are paying millions of rupees in advertisement costs to newspaper owners.

The reckless attitude of arrogant, self-eulogizing, Jiyala ministers once again came to the fore on the current death anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Full page, four colour, advertisement with not-so-nice-looking, popping, faces of the ministers look down at the flood affectees who are living in misery at relief camps in sub-zero temperatures.

This wastage of resources needs to be investigated by the law authorities to ensure that no petty minister is again able to attempt to get false glory at the cost of public.

The following links can be visited to see the advertisements;

  2. Daily BaadeShimal
  3. Daily K2
  4. Sada-e-Gilgit

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  1. Well done pt for pointing out this extravagant expenditure of public money, which could have been usefully utilised on providing help to the flood affected people. You deserve congratulation for performing your duty of four estate and watch dog over the government. This is called “Male Muft, Delli Berahm”

  2. Dear Ali Aman Hunzai

    The actual problem is that the angels that you have been voting for had their wings burnt when they neared the zenith (read Maarifat) 🙂

  3. This has bee the second time since PT has highlighted the reckless spending of public funds by the said minister but he seems not bothered by the comments perhaps they have plucked their ears and blind folded their eyes or give a damn to what people say. He thinks he is doing the right thing.

    May be the minister and his colleagues sitting at the ministry are too illiterate and ignorant that they do not know what people are reacting to their actions. We the citizen of GB feel ashamed for them being our leaders. While they do not feel any shame by publishing such a cheap ads for self glory and pleasing his bosses.

    Allah Ham sab par Raham Farma!

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