Rs100 million approved for Gojal projects

GILGIT, April 19: The Gilgit-Baltistan government has approved Rs100 million for rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure and launching nee projects in Gojal tehsil of upper Hunza, which has been cut off from rest of the world due to an artificial lake formed on Hunza river due to landslides, officials said.

The official sources said the package was approved at a high-level meeting chaired by the Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly Wazir Baig on Tuesday.

The projects were identified by the public representatives under Chief Minister’s Package for Early Recovery Plan for Gojal.

The amount would be spent on projects in health, education, communication sectors with special focus on restoring the destroyed infrastructure including bridges. Construction of new roads and widening and repair of existing ones is also part of the plan. Besides, protective bunds will be built along rivers and streams to avoid flooding.

The meeting also approved establishment of dispensaries and hostels and provision of clean drinking water for Gojal tehsil.
The meeting sent the projects to the planning and development department for further vetting.

CM INSPECTS PROJECTS: The Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah on Tuesday inspected work on projects of protective bunds along the Gilgit river and streams at various points of the city.

Official sources said the chief minister directed completion of work within stipulated time so that people living on the banks of the river and streams could be saved from floods.

Source: DAWN

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  1. These kind of announcements have been there from the start but people have got nothing out of it, I am surprised to see such an announcement at such a time when the people are completely hopeless and are not expecting anything from the Government and during a time when there is shortage of finance every where, God knows what is all behind this, but lets optimistically see every thing and lets hope this time the Government will not leave the people hopeless. The most important thing for us is to keep struggling to stablize ourselves by our own and not wait for some one to come and help.

  2. Respected
    Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Medhi Shah Sahib

    Really good news For Gojal, (100 Million for Early recovery Plan ), But our request is to spend just one million only on the dammed water drainage, after that things will be in order automatically,
    please eliminate the root cause. Thanks

  3. A “MEGA fake” budget announcement by the fake PPP on the occasion of their upcoming election campaigns. I am pretty sure that the fool gojalis will do the same foolness as they are doing since last centuries.Good Luck!

  4. Mr.Speaker thanks for your generosity and sincerity .You have been such a great leader from your Childhood and in every time of need you have always helped the people of Gojal.One again you have shown your sympathy for Gojal.
    Mr. Wazir Baig do you think the people of Gojal are foolish to be happy on these announcements.You have a big role in destroying our economy ,our educational development, our social life and much more. You should be ashamed of your acts and need not to make us fool again.

  5. The Government should consider the draiange of Lake as mega project , rather then converting the minds of the people toward fake projects.
    Wht we immediatly need is known to every one and GBLA should know that.
    The Youth of Gojal must show thier concerns over such steps of Government and raise voice to divert their mind toward the main issue.

  6. The actual projects recommended by the 16 member team of major stake holders (AKDN, UN) of the Gojal Early Recovery Plan has mostly ben changed by Speaker and his team on political basis without consulting the team members. This rubish plan has nothing with the people of Gojal as it is only a political fraud to hide thier total failure. It is strange that a big amount has been kept for construction of two girls hostels in Gojal but not a singal penny to compansate the students against educational package as most of the students are facing extreme hurdles as out of Rs.7.6 Million, only Rs. 1.00 Million has ben paid against fee remission of students and what will be about the shortfall of Rs. 6.6 Million. The only Tehsil HQ Hospital Gulmit is still out of staff and facilities. The CM has already conveyed the people that forget the PC4 of the said hospital for about ten years and it will be again deleverd to Bahria Town Management for the period of ten years who ran away last year within two months. We dont know that what is the guilty of people who are being neglacted for getting govt jobs. The recent appointements in the BISP is very much evedent of the enimity of this govt with our people. The link road from Husaini to Gulmit has been cancelled on the basis of FWO presentation as they have promised to lower the lake by 100 feet upto end of May 2011. FWO is not able to lower the artificial lake by 10 feet even after one and half years then how our representatives are quiet optimist to belive on this Fund Waisting Organization. The mega projects shown in the bogus plan is the three wodden bridge constructed at Gulmit-Chamangul Nallah which is already in bad condition due to the huge transportation of Smuggling goods of Chinese traders in the last winter season when the lake was coverd with ice. There is no provision of agricultural package that how our farmers will get seed, furtilizers and fuel and the unbearable price hike has dragged our people to an financial bankruptcy. What about the calamity hit ordinance and the allied facilities and where is the 186000 Ltrs of Chinese relief oil came for the people of Gojal. As per the Secretary Home, Mr. Asif Bilal Lodhi two big boats will be purchased through NATCO from the income of the relief fuel. The people has already seen the 1984 model capsule toy purchased by NATCO for the safe travelling of the people of Gojal. We apeal to the youth of Gojal and Hunza that please come forward and take interest to the situation and play you positive role and stop this shamful drama being played with our people by this socalled democratic govt that only belives on chalking FIR against those activists who want to project the issues. Please think for your homeland and your people before it is too late.

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