Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Role of women in society discussed at GISAK seminar

Audience during the seminar held at National Council Hall, Garden

Press Release 

Karachi, April 25: Gojal Ismailia Students Association Karachi (GISAK) organized the second seminar in a series, to discuss “Role of Women in a Pluralistic Society”. The seminar was attended by around 100 Karachi based women belonging to different parts of Gojal Valley.

Renowned ITREB scholar hailing from Hussaini village of Gojal, Nasir Karim Badakhshani, elaborated role of women in the society, with references to the Holy Quran, life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and from the sayings of the Imams.

Nasir Karim Badakhshani addressing the audience

Shamila Saleem of the Aga Khan University Hospital, hailing from Jamal Abad Gojal, discussed the role of women in the field of health sciences and also talked about basic health care.

Earlier, GISAK Chairman, Karim Ali Bahadur, welcomed the guests and also briefed them about progress of the organization.

Around 100 women from Gojal participated in the program and made it successful. The seminar proved to be a good source of awareness and social interaction. Everyone appreciate GISAK leadership and members for organizing wonderful programs for the youth and they also offer their services when ever GISAK will ask.

Towards the end, GISAK Joint Secretary, Didar Ali Shah, thanked the participants and members of organizing team to for making the event a success.

2 thoughts on “Role of women in society discussed at GISAK seminar

  1. Dear All,

    Very time required programme and iteraction for the female of Gojal Hunza. I personally appreciate the idea and thanks to ITREB for sharing the understanding and advice of the Imam to the Common members of our society.
    –I salute to the speaker for his time and ITREB for streaming the potential of these YOUTH in a constructive way. The GISAK team really deserves appreciation and we have to build the bridges with the Imam of the Times Institutions to benefit maximum from them. I do want such co-ordinations with other Institutions as well-Like EPB, Councils etc.
    —My special appreciation to the Chairman and Team of GISAK.

    Engr. Baig Ali,

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