Gilgit-Baltistan Graduates Association protest rally against illegal recruitment.

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Gilgit, May 5: Gilgit-Baltistan Graduates Association (GBGA) staged a protest rally against illegal recruitment in government, semi government and NGO sector in Gilgit city. The rally started from Gilgit High School No.1 to Ittehad Chowk. A large number of graduates and people belonging to civil society, Human Rights organizations, student wings of political and nationalist parties participated in the rally.

Participants were holding banners and play cards inscribed with slogans against nepotism, use of religious and political card, selling of jobs and all illegal and unfair means in the recruitment.

Participants chanted slogans against corruption in the recruitment and held politicians and bureaucrats responsible for violation of due rules and regulations regarding recruitment.

 Student leaders, human rights and civil society activist, lawyers and journalists addressed the rally. Speakers included Noor Akbar, Abas Wafa, Shahid Hussain, Ali Asharaf , Advocate Ahsan Ali, progressive leader Baba Jan , Israr udin of HRCP and others.

Speakers stressed for ensuring merit based recruitment in Government, semi government and NGO sector and stop entertaining people through nepotism and illegal appointments for their selfish means.

A resolution was passed in the rally that demanded end to deputation system, advertisement of the cabinet approved positions, end to quota for non local people in government sector, and implementation on quota for GB in national organizations like PIA, Pak Railways, TCL, NHA, etc.

The resolution carried out a warning to administration and GB GOVT to address the just demands of the graduates else be ready for radical change like that of Middle East and North Africa.

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  1. The Karakrum University was established that produces hundreds of graduate annually but hardly a few posts are announced by the government and appoint people through nepotism and favoritism. The number of graduates increases every year but employment opportunities are very rare and utilized by the monopolists of GB. It is causing to develop frustration among the youth. To cater the need of transparency is almost impossible not only in GB but allover in Pakistan. Indeed, transparency and meritocracy is claimed by the government as well as NGO sector, and the formalities are also made just to show-off but what is done in reality that is obviously viewed and realized by each and every person in this democratic time. But no body can change it. We observed it many times. E.g. when masses of Gojal protested for quick release of the damming water, they were charged with anti-state activities, when student of KIU took on a strike to reopen the Garnet lab, they were punished, when NGO servants beg for their rights they were ignored and when youth is protesting for their rights they will also go through same stage. Because it has become part of the system and to change the system is not possible through small scale protests, it needs a revolutionary process. The revolutionary process will take time to come and it will automatically start when survival will become impossible..
    The major factor for lack of transparency is supported by the societies because we are graduates but we are not well educated, we do not go for common benefit rather then individual, we don’t consider that if we would develop our society, make each and every member of the community realize about the importance of a developed society, neither revaluation will come nor the system will change.
    NGO sectors in Gilgit baltistan were believed to be using transparent induction of employees, and excellent output delivery. While, now the situation is very different then that of our perception levels, Lobbyism has become the common hurdle for merit based induction and work pattern; and we can’t ignore role of our politicians and other leaders, who themselves visit NGO offices to employ their relatives and well wishers.
    It reveals that your system support nepotism and favoritism, so how would be it possible to ensure meritocracy? Obviously, if we are well educated, we have to search for the rout causes of nepotism and favoritism and abolish it in a revolutionary manner.

  2. Dear Shimashali brother,thanks for the comments.The situation has got worst over the years.To change it right away is not possibble and ofcourse it will take some time.Nevertheless , I feel the wind of change coming in Gilgit-Baltistan as well.

    We have formed Gilgit-Blatistan Graduates Association(GBGA), the only representative platform of jobless graduates working for merit based rcruitment at all levels.We are encouraged by the support of civil society,lawyers community,Human rights organizations,youth and public at large.

    Nepotism, bribrey,use of religious and political card and other unfair and illegal means in the recruitment has become order of the day.To fight against this menace on revolutionary basis is the need of the hour and we are doing it.

    We have had seiries of meetings with Chief Secretary, with secretaries, with heads of NGOs and politicians.Chief Minister and its satelite ministers avoid us.Although there has been some verbal assuarnaces but practically situation is getting worse to worst.

    After getting fed up with verbal assurances govt we have started a decisive movemment.We are mobilizing jobless graduates and youth in all districts and rainsing fund to stage a grand jalsa by mid of June at Ghari Bagh Gilgit that will be followed by Hunger strike for indefinite time.

    We request all graduates , people from all walks of life to support us for change and against corruption in recruitment.

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