PEMRA raids cable operators' offices in Gilgit and Ghizar, equipments confiscated

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GILGIT: A joint team of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Islamabad and GB has confiscated equipments, including receivers and modulators, from offices of cable operators in Ghizar and Gilgit district.

According to information received by Pamir Times, ‘the raid was conducted today on complaints of citizens who blamed the cable operators of spreading anti-Islam and anti-society propaganda through regional cable networks’.

PEMRA unplugs cable networks in Ghizar and Gilgit

A PEMRA release alleged that the cable operators were following a “foreign agenda” of crating anarchy in the region, by spreading “hatred towards a specific ethnic group”.

The raids were conducted on offices of the operators who are registered with PEMRA. The media release by PEMRA also mentions that the cable operators had breached the terms and conditions of their registration so it was important to bring them under the ambit of law.

Some cable operators in Hunza – Nagar and Skardu are functioning without any license. The PEMRA release warned that action can be taken against the unlicensed cable operators without any further notice because they have been “avoiding letters and calls by PEMRA”.

Cable operators were not available immediately for comments on the issue.

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  1. I am curious to know what was being showed on cable TV that spread “hatred” and was a “foreign agenda”, the last time I was in Gilgit, the only thing that spread anti-Islam propaganda was Peace TV.

    1. Dear, there are many channels, for example, Fox History, calls Palestinians the terrorists and the Israelis the Innocents..!!!…

      1. I have seen and heard Fox History use this word “Palestinian terrorists” too, but, I think people misunderstand the word.
        The term “Palestinian terrorists” is not same as saying “Palestinians are terrorists”. Just like how “Pakistani Taliban” is not same as saying “Pakistanis are Taliban”.
        Palestinians terrorists do exist, just like how Pakistani Taliban do.

  2. Looks like u r a firm supporter of Israely opression there…be logical my bro….and to follow the Rules & Regulations, isn’t it an obligation of all the Cable TV operators..!!…they r Licensees of PEMRA and they have to abide what their License Terms define…so all Indian and Foreign channels are banned by PEMRA and any one violating the rule will be met with the same actions.

  3. Yes, I am a paid “Zionist” agent. Sarcasm intended.
    If the channels were banned by PEMRA, the cable operators should not broadcast them. But, the reasons given in the article, as well as by you, did not state that they were broadcasting “banned channels”. From what I see, the reason given is incitement of hatred towards a specific ethnic group.
    Anyway, I am not a firm supporter of Israeli oppression. I think the bombing by Israel that kills innocent children and others in Palestine is unacceptable and shameful. I also do not support, morally, verbally or by any means, the violence provoking acts of the Hezbollah and/or the Hamas, who also target innocent civilians of Israel, and then come back to Palestine and take shelter in schools, using children and civilians as shields.
    There are terrorizing forces on both side, in the end those suffer are the civilians. To say that one side is entirely holy while the other side is a total evil force would be biased and unfair. I think, you too have this emotional bias in you, and I won’t blame you because when you start talking objectively, you will be labelled an agent by those around you.

  4. Na…am a govt official bro..!! The only thing i wanted to say is that, it’s our moral responsibilities to obey the rules and regulations which we promise to. Thanks for your valuable comments..!

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