"I will make Hunza a separate district", Ghazanfar

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Hunza, July 21: Wazir Baig shall not coy away and deprive Hunza of its rights. We will support him. “I openly declare that we will make Hunza a separate district”.

These views and suggestions were expressed by former Chief Executive of GB, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, during an “All parties” meeting held in Hunza. He further said that the initial decision was to make Hunza a separate district but after requests of Mirza Hussain Nagar was also included in the plan.

He blamed Wazir Baig of failing to defend the rights of Hunza Valley.

Speaking about the dammed Hunza River, Ghazanfar said that a “big game” is being played. He said that discharge of water from the lake is not possible during the PPP government.

The gathering was also addressed by leaders of PML, PPP, PMLN and GBDA. The speakers expressed anger and shock over the decision of a GBLA mandated committee to establish all offices of Hunza-Nagar district in Saas Valley, Nagar.

Seasoned PPP leader Hajat Muhammad also condemned the decision and said that he will oppose it actively.

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  1. Horse ….!!! Electioneering Tactic: First go to people of Shinakee area, ask them for pardon over fake promise of RCC Bridge, then Come up with new slogans,,,I guess it is better to work collectively than turning land into pieces despite the fact that it is Mir’s Fake Call

    IA The well educated and well Informed people of Hunza Valley wont b duped this time, even, some people get, the vibrant youth wont let it to be happen!

    The age of Mirs, Faqeers and Peeers is over for now!!!

  2. @ Ghazanfar
    Please dont talk such things as these are only going to increase conflicts. We are very peaceful together with inhabitants of Nagar and let us live together. If you really feel like helping masses, go for the actions that might contribute to solutions to the problems faced by us in the present context-Speak for the affectees of Ata Abad Lake, for example..

  3. We know man you did alot in past for us( only promises), nothing else. everything was in your hand even you did dare to give a separate seat to the Gojal. you were afraid, you are coward. now it time for you to take Tasbih and ask for pardom from God. that’s it!

  4. Dear mir!

    The people of Hunza provided opportunity for you after your so-called mirdom to take a lesson from your and your fore-fathers’ cruelty on the people of Hunza, especially on Gojali and Shinaki people, but you totally failed to serve the people of Hunza. You forget to recall that you remained Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Executive, respectively in the then NALC. You had a golden opportunity to declare Hunza a separate district. It’s clear that your body is in Hunza and not your heart. So please stop deceiving the people of Gojal and Shinaki, because almost youth are literate and they better know how to progress their future. The people of Hunza, especially youth are requested to reject the mirs, wazirs and faqirs in the forthcoming elections, because these greedy politicians are busy in filling their own pockets and they’ve no fear of poor people of Hunza and God. It is also brought to the kind notice of general public of Hunza that due to bad condition of bridge and road, seven people of Hussainabad, Shinaki have lost their precious lives, and their families are passing a hard life, and many have injured due to massive sliding from the Gekus mountain.

  5. what at the moment Hunzokuch are suffering a leadership gape in Hunza, this is the crucial time for Hunzokuch that there is no leadership comming ahead. what Huza and Gojal Valley got the development over 25 years has been dropped back. their pride and honor is being wahsed away. the current ppp government is much doing for Nagar valley offcourse of the strong religous influence of the party. they dont have to care about Hunza and Gojal valley. i think all the PPP party and heads in hunza are being made fool by Nagarkuch. obeviousy this will affect over long term Hunzokuch, they will certainly be controled by nagarkuch.

    shift of power nd its game.
    “politics doesnt suit Hunzokuch, they can be devided over on it. they loose their own interest for the sake of political pary’s lnterest. wherase nagakuch can do much better in politics for their own interest based on strong religous influence”.

    1. we are truly glad if our brother from Nagar are having some benefits for being part of the Govt. that is exactly what we expect. they are as good a citizen of this country as anyone else and have a right to every resource. Best of luck Nagar Kutsu.

  6. if he is so powerful person and so loyal for Hunza he was member for 20 years what he did at that time, he is our leader what he did during this disaster, he didn’t visit Gojal just to say hello the people, he knows that the election is near he starting yelling.

  7. To all of the above:

    I do not understand what you people are crying about, especially the Gojali belt! weren’t you the people who brought the present elected leader with an astounding victory? how come no one is questioning the present leader?

    where is the so called Hunza Action committee in all this? Where is the MQM leader in this? get over the ‘Mir’ phobia, as you people made your intentions clear during the elections. What he has done or not done, time will tell.

    However, if you do think for a change, you will realize that whatever was done by the Mir, it was undone previously in the last 2 stints of the PPP government, and the same is being done now.

    The Mir atleast brought you the district, under whose tenure is it going to Nagar? each and every department of the district is going to Nagar while the so called ‘educated’ youth of Hunza will be fingering their noses and pointing at the Mir.

    Wake up before its too late … Hunzakutz were never subservient to Nagarkutz, its happening now, and see under whose able leadership if you have not realized already.

    Behave like ‘Hunzakutz’ for a change and not gojalis, burushos &/or shenakis.

    WAKE UP!

  8. Mirza Hussain stopped you from declaring Hunza a separate district?? What a nonsense reply to the follies of your past monkey business Mr. Ghazanfar!! Even if it were to believed, it means that Mr. Mirza Hussain is a better custodian of the rights of his electors.

  9. Dividing people is easier than bridging them. So Mr Ghazanfar is at his age old tactic of dividing rather than filling the rift. This ‘stone age’ mind set needs to be strongly discouraged through mutual cooperation and collective thinking. For how long we’ll remain divided in tribes, sects, linguistics and regions?
    Forward thinking is all about “collective thinking” and when this happens, a stong and unified society emanates with an objective approach to the issues rather than petty self interest based slogans and claims. Everyone in Hunza knows that the Mir family’s only business has been corruption at every angle. He was almost bankrupt prior to become D.Chief Ex. By the grace of Hunzokutz he was re-elected and managed to rit off all his debt. He should be thankfull to the people for this opportunity. Now young generation of Hunza can’t be and shouldn’t be stinged again from the same hole.

    Hunza needs an honest and visionary leadership. For honesty, no doubt that Hunza has experienced two great personalities like WAZIR and NAZIR. As far as vision is concerned, I have some reservations in this regard.
    The fact about Mir is that he lacks both honesty and vision. He is just the bull which tracts the carte and Mrs Attiqa is the driver…what a hypocrite couple.

  10. @ all
    there is no strong political party and leadership in Hunza for now and in comming years ahead the gape is there still…as the country’s political situtaion is getting worse and worse so it will have a negative affect on Hunza. when it comes to the failure of government and leadership gape, the only option left is strong institutions comprised of civil society organizations, like different LSO(Local support organizations) supported by AKRSP in Hunza, gojal valley and shinaki . let the people choose their own leaders through these institutions based on Merit not through manupulations (sects, ethnicity and langurage…) these institutions can better produce good leadership and serve all the region equally. otherwise its gona be a mess of political partys devide and rule game in Hunza.

  11. @khan
    Leadership is never provided by the political parties (particularly in Pakistan) because a true leadership is not in their interest. Their agenda as well as international powers’ agenda is just to rule and creating fuss to benefit their own economic interests. The difference in Pakistani leadership and the west is that our leaders work for their interest and their leaders also work to protect their people’s interest. We people in the “third world” are doll drum jahils who simply don’t understand and pint point their own objectives.
    In the GB, we need indiginous leadership which can understands the global motives and fix their priorities vis a vis national, regional and globally complex and delicately crafted networks.
    Creation of LSOs and civil society organizations is an ultimate tool to enhance voices of the local people in order to achieve good governance as well as empowering people in decision making for their own betterment but this can only be fullfilled when elected candidates are constantly engaged with the civil society or at least to a think tank for consultation on every issue. But here, the whole scenario is upside down???? everyone is an Aql-e-kul for his own nafs. When collectivity is missing, everything is missing.
    We need a paradigm shift in our thinking approach but alas! this shift is so slow than the external invasions. Wait to be evaded and imprisoned completely by outsiders because we don’t want to be changed according to the time. Time waits for none.

  12. @ Haralt
    Let us exclude what the international power motives are and what the country’s leadership is doing, neither PPP and MQM can do for Hunza and nor PML and other partys can. Sindh and Panjab has nothing to do with Hunza.lets forget the whole GB and its Indigenous leadership.
    if we think of Hunza. it has its own unique culture and tradition. its people are distinct then the rest of the GB and the country. more then 50% of the total population is youth that is totally educated its a very big asset. we need strong institutions to move these youth toward a good future direction rather then dragging them into dirty politics of paki style.
    if we need a paradigm shift these youth and institutions can do this but gradually.what we need to do is to build these institutions and motivate the youth.

  13. Stop the tall claim, either you are so called mir, speaker, or fanatic religious leaders of different sects. You are all the dividers of innocent people of Hunza Nagar. You put the innocent people in a dark hole. They are just your voters and blind believers. They are far behind from the real society of basic rights, political wisdom, vision, ideology and legal part of any state or virtual lack of representation in the national assembly of Pakistan. We don’t need this kind of district that has not any legal status except dividing the people of Hunza Nagar just for the sack of their vested interest.
    Ghazenfar should look back of his and his fathers black history. How his fathers treated with innocent people of Hunza Nagar. They could not protect the Hunza Nagar states and unconditionally handover it to the hand of illegal government of 1974, who merged it with the administration of Northern Areas, without consulting the majority people of Hunza. Though 90% people were in fever of states. The concrete justification was the so called post elections when the recurring nawabs family got success in 5 out of 8 elections. Very few gauche and illiterate people along with Mir of Hunza fell into prey of a gimmickry leader who made his stalwart fool and privileged nawabs family.
    We request from all the political, religious and clerics dividers to stop their tall claim. Don’t play with the fate of innocent people of Hunza Nagar. Leave them to live together. Let them decide their political destination. They have more political sense than you all dividers.

  14. It seems part a controversy to divert the attention of the masses from the real issues of the people. Hunza and Nagar have never been in harmony for centuries, in fact there have been hostile confrontations between these communities in the past. The only linkage was the relationships between the rulers, that too was driven by religious affiliations.

    To my opinion, this is not a natural union, putting the centuries old rival communities into one administrative setup. The political environment which is mostly driven by corruption and sectarian powers supported by illicit money has engulfed the whole region not sparing this twin valleys.

    The question of where should the district headquarters built is the first test. The situation is also over-played by the regional politicians especially those from Baltistan, Astor, Diameer and Ghizar for their own wasted interests. The outcome of this regional game will harm the interests of the local population who are not interested in the dirty politics.

    The elders and academia of Hunza and Nagar should give it a very serious thought if a combined district is still better for their future generations or it is proving to be an opportunity for the dirty politicians to play their dirty games on the sufferings of the common masses.

    Mr. Ghazanfar is right in his thoughts, I mean it is not necessary to always think in a political way, one can speak his heart that is neutral. The matter we are discussing is very serious that is can we afford to drag the whole population into a fresh confrontation which is in no way better for the future generations?

  15. Mir Ghazanfer has expressed the hidden fact or the voice of masses but who will work on the agenda. As seen in Attabad Disaster no leadership was there to help the people of the affected area. There is no optimist hope from the people who are left on the mercy of plunders and looters right from spill way to sea port Hussaini.No control over fares of jeeps and private taxi, no discipline in by any means in all the situation. True leadership need to address the real threat to the people of Gojal in particular and the travellers in general. Only statements in newspapers will not work. Feel the real pain, grievances and act to make strategies keeping in loop all the stake holders of the devastating disaster.

    Affected Gojali

  16. agreed with Saleem, I requesting to leaders of all parties please do some thing for us. Today we the people of shishket Atabad and Gulmit we are living in stone age. If you are not trusting us than please visit these areas and the people how they are living in tin shelters and camps in summer and winter. This not the right time for blaming each other come forward and do some thing for us. today the whole area became beggar by eating the relief of china and other donors and also see the the traveling of people on open jeeps from Aliabad to the spillway and than on the boats like goods and animals with out life jackets.

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