[Video] Incident in Aliabad Hunza

Video of the Shooting
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Video of the Funeral

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAVv5FnDJRk?hl=en&fs=1&w=425&h=264]

Video by : Mueez Shah
Source : Facebook

Funeral of the victims of police brutality in Hunza Valley was held in Aliabad and attended by thousands of men and women. The noise of wailing echoed in the beautiful atmosphere of Hunza, as the coffins were taken by men to the final resting place.

Funeral Prayer in Absentia at Gulmit, Gojal. PT Photo

In Gulmit, Tehsil Headquarter of Gojal Valley, around 100 men gathered at the Showaran to offer in-absentia funeral prayers for Shaheed Sher Ullah Baig and his son Shaheed Sher Afzal, two victims of the police brutality.

After the funeral prayer the people gathered in front of Tehsil office and protested against the government for failing to protect the citizens. The protesters demanded resignation of the representatives.

In Gahkuch, headquarter of Ghizar District, hundreds of people demonstrated against the brutality and demanded justice for the victims. The speakers also demanded resignation of the Mehdi Shah government. The speakers included Nawaz Naji, Sultan Madad, Mastan, Advocate Nazeer and Shafqat Inquillabi.

Markets were closed for three hours in Gahkuch.

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  1. Police officer who gave command to open the fire on the IDP should hang infront of whole Gilgit Baltistan. That is why every one is saying” Pakistan sa zinda baag” .

    Shame on you Police on calling yourself as the guardians of people..

  2. This irresponsible act by Govt …… is not acceptable on humanity basis. So called CM is sole culprit because of his negligence and lake of interest in solving the river blockage. Hunza is considered one of the peaceful regions in Pakistan and CM try his best to destroy the famous name in once but the residents of Hunza valley will not accept such biased acts. We have to make sure, CM will not visit Hunza till the end of his tenure.
    we “The People” of Hunza wants a transparent investigation of this conspiracy of CM and his protector, ” …..” [word censored].

  3. every one hav the right 2 protest and protest in a right way.first we should think why this whole incident occured.politics doesnt mean just becoming mnas and getting an authority its a whole differnt philosophy.i feel at the moment we r facing a critical time intolerance ,show off jealousy and a lot of cruel diseases hav born our nana jan used to say in brushaski sang zamana di bila means an age of enlightment is urs.despite having all the facilities by grace of our imam an other aids we r still hungry we feel homless despite living in the fresh air of hunza .think of any part of pakistan exept our area hw much poverity hunger and darkness.but we like dogs barking 4 the food and think of our self as enlightend people affat ham pa ae ha we need to be brave apna ap ko bhikari bana kar kbhi chowk pa khada ho kabhe rastoon ma sham on me shame on u 2 be calld ourselves enlightened.

  4. don’t make any decision before knowing the facts brothers……..we pakistanis are emotional people.first know the real facts then act upon it….think about that police man why should he wants himself behind the bars, that was the mistake done by him.and we everyone makes mistakes……….first know then show…

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