Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

[Pictorial] A journey through the exotic Yasin Valley, Ghizar

Photographs shared by Karim Shah

Yasin Valley, located in the Ghizar District of Gilgit – Baltistan region, is a culturally rich, and naturally beautiful part of land connected to Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa through the Darkut Pass. The main Yasin Valley branches into other smaller valleys, including Thaoos, Nazbar, Asumbar, Ghojalti, Thui, Qorkulti, Sandhi, Barkulti, Hundur and Darkut.

Vast majority of the people in Yasin Valley (locally known as Yasen) speak Burushaaski language, while Khowar is also widely understood and spoken.

The valley has huge tourism potential, being a land of lakes, glaciers, valleys and passes. Pamir Times is grateful to Mr. Karim Shah, a native of Yasen, for sharing these exotic photographs with our readers.

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  1. karim shah ,you really are a proud quaidian.thanks for exposing this hidden teasure!is darkot accessible by road?and how far is it from yasin valley?

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