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MQM GB’s young leader Mir Sikandar shot dead in Karachi along with companion

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Karachi, November 27: Dead bodies of two young men, aged between 25 and 35, were found by the police in Gulshan area of Karachi yesterday and shifted to a Centre run by the Edhi Foundation for identification and safe-keeping.

The two were later identified as Sikandar Mir and Nasir Hussain, residents of GB. Sikandar Mir was a leader of MQM Gilgit.

Earlier, Police sources had called people from GB to identify the bodies based on their physical appearances, but for some time nobody could recognize them. Later, in the night, some people were identify the bodie and they are being shifted to Gilgit today.

Sikandar Mir (left) belonged to Astore district while Nasir Hussain was a resident of Jagir Basin area in Gilgit city.

Both bodies have bullet wounds.

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  1. Its indeed very shocking for all of us.
    May Allah rest their souls in eternal peace.. Ameen

    Many more people from GB might be targeted in future, particularly the youth of GB. these guys are involved in all sort of activities of MQM.
    chanting the slogan of MQM on the streets of Karachi and Gilgit Baltistan as well.
    MQM is Pakistan’s third largest party but MQM is a nationalist party, no one can deny this. their activists are trying to transfer the weapon tradition to Gigit Baltistan. if the youth of GB really want to serve their homeland they should join other local national party. at least it will represent their own identity ..

    May Allah save our Home land from these kind of evils.

      1. Mr. Ilyas you are trying to defend MQM, even after knowing that they cannot be loyal to us. Matter of shame

  2. A lesson for our youngsters indulging themselves in so-called political activities. People of GB are so innocent and can be easily used by those political groups. Youngsters coming to karachi from GB must concentrate on their studies rather then involving in gangsters in the name of political and nationalist parties. Parents must keep an eye on them. I’ve seen many guyz are involving in some nonsense activities of gangsters spending nights innocently. We have our own identity as GB people. Why MQM? why PPP?? why ANP? why any other party?

    1. I strongly agree with you. Nonsense are those who involve themselves in such activities. These deaths are not loss but a lesson.

    1. My deep condolence for your cousin. May Allah bless his soul & give strength to his parents & siblings.ameen
      I can imagine how horrible its to get news of Target killings. I can only suggest you my brothers ..Plzzz dont indulge your self in this MQM affair. I have spend more than 30 years in Karachi but since APMSO came into being we just forgot what the Innocent quarrels of PSF , Jeay Sindh & Pashtoon Students happened in our Universities. In fact they were just KIDS in front of MQM gangsters ! May Allah Help you all. And May this once so peaceful area from where we got many university friends during late 80’s ,always Flourish … ameen

  3. It is a result of our nön unity of GB people, not any political or nationalism.
    All Gb youngsters have to play a wide role to vanish sectarism at least from GB and pay role to setup an examply peace in our homeland. Do not be a part of any voilance and terrorship minds.

  4. MQM is terrorist orginazation nt political they believe in bullet nt ballot box. the future of peaceful HUNZA land is in our YOUTH hands. think abt it…..

  5. a large part of or youth is involv in such activities. i hav made a search report in krachi univrsty, according to it 78% stsudnts from GB are direcltly involvd. they join such groups only for”bharam” n nthng else. the univrsity officials hate students GB. an employ of Admin once told me that “tmare gilgit talib-elam pare likhe jahil hain hain, chkidaar or maali se lar pdty hain”. 🙁
    soon i’ll snd the report for readers of PT

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