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[OEC Online] Meet Natasha Sultan, the first female commercial Pilot of Gilgit Baltistan

Captain Natasha Sultan is one of the female instructors of AYLA Aviation Academy Jordan .Natasha Sultan Originally from Hassan Abad, Hunza, currently her family living in Ghizer, Gahkuch.She was born in Ghizer and trained at a flying School in Lahore,she is finding the Experience at Ayla Pricless.”It is a fantastic place,with everbody committed to learning and doing it properly.”Sultan admitted that there had been some cultural issues,with some students having reservations about taking instruction from a woman,but these are quickly resolved.

Ayla had been committed to the first ever conference on the role of women in aviation in the middle East. Students are helped with accomodation and at the ground school there are mordern classrroms with the latest teaching aids.

The Flying conditions are ideal.The airport has 10,000 foot runway and operates 24/7 with full air traffic Control and facilities for full instruments training.Although the immediate airspace is tightly controlled due to close proximity to Egypt ,Saudi Arabia ,there is a large nearby training area with multiple visual references.

Natasha Sultan wished to join PIA in the future but her biggest dream is to fly His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan’s private jet. She is a fully qualified pilot. She is the first female commercial pilot from the Gilgit-Baltistan and deserves it the most .

Natasha showed that abilities can take a person to greater heights regardless of any gender.

Long long way to go Natasha… You deserve more and more… Keep on adding feathers to our caps…


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