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KKH blockade enters third day, thousands of commuters suffer in cold weather

PT Report

Gilgit, January 10: The Karakuram Highway remained closed for the third consecutive day, as residents of Diamer district continued blockade of the road in protest against target killings.

Thousands of commuters remained stranded on both sides of Chilas in sub-zero temperature. The commuters have complained of depletion of cash due to unscheduled stay on the road. Women and patients are also believed to be among the people stuck on the Karakuram Highway.

In the meanwhile, the government has failed to persuade of force the protesters off the Karakuram Highway.

A local reporter informed that tomorrow a dialogue is to be held at Jaglote between a representatives committee of Diamer and officials of the government.

It is being hoped that the KKH will be safely opened for traffic after the negotiations.

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  1. I am always confused of the way GB officials act while something goes wrong in Diamer specially in Chilas.

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