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“Gilgiti group” involved in Karachi killings: Rehman Malik

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Islamabad, January 28: Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, has coined a new term “Gilgiti Group”, to describe alleged terrorists who gunned down several people, including three lawyers, the other day.

The minister said that the so-called “Gilgiti Group Squad” has smuggled weapons to Karachi in oil tankers. He revealed that mother of one of the alleged terrorists had tipped the police about his son’s involvement in sectarian violence.

Rehman told the media that they will soon catch the group. He warned members of the group that they cannot hide from the claws, whether they travel in buses, cars or live in “Defence”, a posh locality in Karachi city.

The term “Gilgiti Group” has drawn criticism in the Gilgit – Baltistan region where people have accused the interior minister of damaging the tourism industry by using misleading terms.

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  1. The increasing trend in killings and lootings in the matropolitan is un-affordable to all the country fellowmen. People from Gilgit-Baltistan also suffer heavily for such a situation, as a large majority of the population belongs to lowest income strata/poorest of the poor. Involvement of a few in terrorist groups or supporting such activities is not impossible as the region being geo-politically critical, has always been eyed by the players, both national and international.

    RM’s remarks should be taken seriously by the leadership, political and religious and civil society, and workout options to minimize involvement of unemployed youth by providing economic opportunities on merit and judicious distribution of resources. Mass prevailence of corruption is erroding every resource that can contribute to nation-building activities.

    Another important step to be taken is dissemination of accurate information and knowledge throuth national media particularly about the contribution of GB in the national economy through supply of water for irrigation & power generation, tourism, minerals, forests, environment, trade, revenue, etc. This would help understand the actual strength of the region being part of Pakistan, rather highliting a few weaknesses which are propagated to overshadow the earlier.

    I would urge the jouralists and people engaged with media and other civil society organisations to grow up and start thinking identically to the national counterparts, which would help defuse all the defaming and degrading plans and discourage such elements.

  2. RM wants to send or issue some illegal visas to Terrorists of International mafia to operate and create groups in GB against China. So RM wants to stopped Chinese developmental under process work in GB on the orders of USA & UK. If he had some proofs then present in front Pakistani Media like he were presented Agreement of Musharaf & Nawaz Sharif. We will appreciate and help him out to find culprits. But such statements really damaged the history and image of the region in front of International and National tourism communities. So RM seb be careful next time.Becuase you are personally popular as a killer or responsible of Benazir Murder. Musharaf is going to present all proof in June so be ready.

  3. I am very much in favor of the ministers statement. what we see for couples of months the target killings are the good source for justification.

    both sects shia and sunni groups are equally invovleved with the extreem sectarian voilance.

  4. Rehman paidaishi jhoota hai ,,,,, kela khata hai or kehta hai apple hai,,.,, stop ……. do u have any proof?

  5. Rehman malik kabi proof b pesh kr lya karo.1 ya du individuals ki involment se puri Gilgit Baltistan ki amn pasnd Qaum ko badnam kr raha hai,Karachi k baday dehshat gardun ko chupane ki nakam koshish ahi.

  6. On behalf of People of Chitral I condemn the statement of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik “that terrorists belonging to Chitral, Gilgit and adjacent areas were involved in the Karachi targeted killing” I understand that Mr. Rehman Malik has no knowledge about the background and position of the areas. Chitral is most peaceful district of the country situated in KPK. It is recorded that so far no terrorists’ activities were observed in Chitral since history can recall.

    I will advise Mr. Rehman Malik to apologize to the peace loving people of Chitral for his baseless and irresponsible statement.

    Muhammad Yousuf Zond
    Mastuj, Chitral.

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