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Large cache of arms and ammunition recovered in joint operation, six held: Home Secretary

Gilgit: Weapon recovered in raids put at display at the headquarters of GB Scouts

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Gilgit, March 4: There is no curfew in Gilgit but section 144 is being strictly implemented. All offices, schools and colleges will be opened from Monday.

This was stated by GB Home Secretary, Dr. Sajid Chauhan, while addressing an emergency press briefing at the headquarters of GB Scout.

The Home Secretary said that the today a rally came under fire in the Baseen area, when moving towards Sharot, the hometown of one of the people target killed by unknown people in Kohistan the other day. There was an exchange of fire in which a Jawan of the GB Scout was injured.

The rally that came under attack in Baseen locality of Gilgit, while moving towards Sharot.

He said that the situation was soon controlled and it did not lead to any major incident. He further informed that the Punjab Rangers acted swiftly and recovered arms and ammunition form the Amphery locality of Gilgit. He said that three men were also arrested from Amphery.

People have expressed surprise over the violation of Section 144, which bans pylon riding and exhibition of weapons.

In another raid conducted in the Yadgar Muhallah, a large cache of arms and ammunition were recovered and three men arrested, the home secretary further informed.

Giving details of the arms recovered Dr. Chauhan said that 7 shells of rocket launchers, a Light Machine Gun, 3 Kalashnikov and pistols were recovered by GB Scout during the Yadgar Muhallah raid, while Punjab Rangers recovered an LMG, 3 sub-machine guns and 700 rounds.

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  1. I think its complete failure of Law and enforcement Agencies in GB. After Spending 50 % of Development funds on Security Matters, IS Duties Expenditure, Paying 50% Raised packages to Rangers and all if this is what result is then there must consensus on all the ground that take our two year development Funds and Budget , Clean 5KM’s Areas through Army. I have taken this Step as Engineered one to prove Local Bureaucracy’s and Law Enforcement Agency’s are Justifying there Expenses and Looting Heads. If Pakistan Army can take control over 50 Km Meters in Swat why not then in Gilgit. which is 5 KM. I think ” Looting And Plundering Head” of Security Issues in GB has made may Official’s and Corrupt Officers Millionaires in past 10 Years. I think All the Members of Civil Society, Members of Reconciliation community, GBVM Volunteers, all Leftist and Rightist all must asked GOP for Relief i.e. “Once for all De-weaponized GB” we need peace only in GB, Other constitutionalists Movement will automatically get their results then.

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