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Gojal: Construction of Al-Amyn Girls Hostel in progress, people demand internet access

Gulmit: The hostel will be part of the Al-Amyn Model School, constructed by the local community on self-help basis. Photo: Rahim Khan

Our Correspondent 

Gulmit, March 28: The community in Gulmit is busy constructing a hostel for girls. Funds for the project have been provided by United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID), through the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP). The project is being implemented by the Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society, the civil society organization behind the iconic Al-Amyn Model School.

Ten new computers have been purchased by the school run by the community on self-help basis

At the moment the ground has been leveled and foundations and boundary walls are being constructed by community members.

Meanwhile, the school administration is busy in upgrading the computer labs. Ten new computers have been purchased for this purpose. The local people have demanded of the government to extend internet access to the region and facilitate the students in the learning process.

Speaking to Pamir Times the local people said that it is unjust of the government to leave one of the most educated Tehsils of Gilgit – Baltistan without internet access. They urged the region’s representatives in GBLA to ensure extension of internet access to the region.

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  1. Congratulations to resilient people of sweet homeland….I have no doubt on capability and strength lies in the vibrant community that I myself proud to have an eternal belonging.

    Keep up the best efforts and set the positive trends for entire society……Education is the only key to unlock the riddles of time….Moreover, Female education should be on top priority.

    I am happy to see the road to success, prosperity, progress and enlightenment.

    Let me quote here few words of His Highness The Aga Khan, on the occasion of 100th years of AKES….””We live in a time of rapid change – change that is often unpredictable and not always positive. My experience with development, as an observer and a practitioner, has led me to the conclusion that the best way to manage change, whether positive or negative, is to prepare for it and that there is no greater form of preparation for change than investments in education”.

  2. There is a Tower which looks like communications Tower, if that is correct and they can make phone call then they can simply use one of the PC as Gateway, create a local LAN and then connect with out side world through that communication tower.

    No point is asking for cake, ask for wheat and learn to bake a cake:).

  3. This is a nice effort for me, if the girls hostel took place in the area, but i want a suggest hostels for the girls and boys separately in Gilgit City much necessary , for the students of entire region of Hunza.


    Piyar Ali Sagi

    HSF, Gilgit

  4. DEAR Education Pioneers!!

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    –Management of Civil Engineering Works from the last 18 years,
    –Maintenance of 03 years.
    –Environment and safety 04 years.
    —-I do offer my services for one to two Weeks.

    Chief Engineer Baig Ali Toojik OGDCL

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